[EURO-Discuss] Your opinion needed on our course of action!

Dragoslava Greve dpefeva at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 16:55:58 UTC 2010

Dear Wolf, dear All,

I am also surprised that from all the candidates not even one woman candidature 
has been selected for the final slate. But also thinking about the message we are 
likely to pass with the petition, I am less and less convinced it is a good 

For me EURALO's  consideration to send a petition reads as a clear sign of 
disbelief in the abilities of the current European candidate and lack of support 
for his candidature. 

I also share the same concern regarding our attempt to introduce more candidates 
to the slate as of our AFRALO colleagues, as seen from the message with the 
quotation from the AFRALO meeting  sent earlier today by Adam. 

---quotation starts---
"Aziz: We already have Pierre's candidature. I know from some time. 
Addiing additional candidates to the slate would undermine Pierre's 
candidature and will decrease his options."
---end of quotation---

I believe introducing more European candidates will split our support and most 
likely none of them will have a chance to be elected.

Therefore, as a representative from ISOC Bulgaria, I am voting for option C. 
EURALO not to petition at all as the course of action we should be taking. 

Best regards,

Dessi Greve

> Dear all,
> as you may have realised (according to our previous mailings), there was
> much and controversial discussion on the recent Announcement of At-Large
> selected voting Board Director candidates and the fact that the EURALO
> suggested candidate (Avri Doria) was not considered. The EURALO Board is
> therefore discussing to take action and to petition on behalf of her --
> and perhaps other suitable candidates from Europe who were not considered
> neither.
> We now need to know your opinions and comments on the following course of
> action – on the three options:
> a. EURALO to include petition for Avri ONLY.
> b. EURALO to include petition for Avri AND other qualified European
> candidates like Jean-Jacques Subrenat and Jordi Palet Martinez. c. EURALO
> not to petition at all.
> As we are under considerable time constraints and have to act until Sunday
> (7 November) latest, your comments are welcome and can be taken into
> account until tomorrow afternoon (15:00). Thanks for your support and
> kind regards,
> Wolf
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