[EURO-Discuss] Results of At Large Board Selection design team (ABSdt) conference call

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Tue Nov 2 02:38:08 UTC 2010

Dear Olivier,

thanks a lot for representing EURALO's voice at today's ABSdt call and 
negotiating this favourable result what will help us to better organise our 
consultation procedure on the At Large Board selection and voting.

Kind regards,

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote Tue, 02 Nov 2010 00:50:
>Dear European At Large Structures,
>the At Large Board Selection design team (ABSdt) met virtually by
>teleconference this afternoon to discuss the proposals which were sent
>to the ALAC by EURALO, asking for a delay in the At Large Board Seat 15
>selection process.
>A copy of EURALO's original message was sent to the EURALO List by Wolf
>Ludwig and is archived at:
>The ABSdt conference call, originally due to last one hour, finally
>lasted two full hours, from 13:00-15:00 UTC, such was the intensity and
>thoroughness of the debate taking place.
>--- cut here ---
>Consensus was reached on the following:
>* seating of the At Large selected candidate on the Board
>The candidate should be seated at the end of the Cartagena Meeting, as
>originally planned.
>* new time-line for the selection process:
>28 October:  BCEC to announce slate of 3-7 candidates and SOI details;
>28 October - 15 November: Campaigning period for candidates;
>On or before 7 November: RALO petition processes to be completed;
>12 - 15 November (early UTC time on ): A community call with the final
>slate of candidates will be held;
>15 - 22 November (RALOs can extend this deadline until 25 November if
>desired) : RALO discussions on candidates
>22 - 25 November: First round of online voting on final slate of candidates;
>26 -- 28 November: Second round of online voting on final slate of
>candidates (only if necessary)
>* VISA issues
>All candidates on the final slate are expected to be already proceeding
>with VISA formalities, should they be required in their case. The delay
>to the final vote is therefore not a problem for VISAs.
>--- cut here ---
>We therefore have until the end of this week, plus the week-end for
>petition processes. Bearing in mind this process has started on 28th
>October, this provides EURALO with 10 days for petitioning - in-line
>with the 10 day time-line which was desired by some of our members.
>May I remind everybody too, that the BCEC's selection process has been
>very thorough indeed. It was always the ABSdt's aim that addition of
>candidates by petition should be an exceptional occurrence, therefore
>requiring the support of three or more RALOs. It is therefore imperative
>that any petitioning candidate's) should follow-up directly with RALOs
>and that RALOs announce their support for any petitioning candidate(s)
>no later than 7 November, in time for the petitioning candidate(s) to be
>included in the community call line-up.
>RALO selection process:
>An election process will be taking place at EURALO for members to direct
>the vote(s) of our Chair Wolf Ludwig.
>This will start on 15 November, and will be open all the way until 25
>November assuming Wolf casts his vote on the last possible voting day
>for the first round. This gives European At Large Structures 10 days of
>voting - in-line with the 10 day time-line which was desired by some of
>our members.
>Should additional rounds of voting be required, Wolf Ludwig will already
>have full instructions in his hand thanks to ALSes voting by
>"preference", that is, their No.1 candidate, No.2, etc.
>I am also now including, for the sake of completion and in order to
>fully explain to you how the process will take place, the new ALAC Rules
>of Procedure Version 11 which explain the election process.
>The Reference for this document is:
>The voting process to be followed by the 15 ALAC voting delegates and
>the 5 RALO Chairs is explained in that document as follows:
>--- cut here ---
>27.8 Voting Process
>a) All votes shall be by secret ballot. Votes may be cast
>electronically, in person, telephonically or some combination thereof.
>For votes cast in person or telephonically, the services of a trusted
>third party will ensure the secrecy of the ballot. Proxies are allowed
>only in accordance with explicit ALAC Rules of Procedure governing their
>use, or with explicit BSPC rules governing their use.
>b) If there is only one candidate on the Final Candidate List, that
>candidate shall be acclaimed the winner.
>c) If there are more than three candidates on the Final Candidate List,
>the first vote shall be using an accepted voting method which allows the
>three most preferred candidates to be selected.
>d) When there are three candidates remaining, there shall be vote of the
>electorate. Should one candidate receive greater than 50% of votes cast,
>that candidate shall be declared the winner. If not, the candidate with
>the least votes shall be removed. If there is a tie for last position, a
>random selection by a method determined in advance by the BSPC shall be
>used to identify the candidate to be removed.
>e) When there are two candidates remaining, there shall be vote of the
>electorate. Should one candidate receive greater than 50% of votes cast,
>that candidate shall be declared the winner. If there is a tie, a random
>selection by a method determined in advance by the BSPC shall be used to
>identify the winner.
>f) In any cases where a random selection is called for in sub-sections
>d) and e), if sufficient time remains, the BSPC, will run the tied
>election over again in case voter positions have changed. In any given
>step of the process, this can be done just once.
>--- cut here ---
>I hope that this answers the questions which have been asked by several
>members, and that the process is now clear.
>We should be happy that we are now afforded 10 days each for both the
>petitioning process and the At Large Structure voting process. I trust
>that this will ease the time pressure on our ALSes and hope that this
>will ensure that all European ALSes will take an active part in this
>very important election.
>If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, either by
>emailing me, or posting to the list.
>Warmest regards,
>Olivier Crépin-Leblond
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