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Wed Apr 22 13:09:40 EDT 2009

At 14:51 22/04/2009, Adam Peake wrote:
>I thought AUI was a business users association?  AUI was represented 
>on the first names council, active in the DNSO and creation of ICANN 
>(and pre ICANN).
>If they exist to serve individuals, fine, if corporations, not fine.

I certainly understand the common law difference between a "person" 
and a "corporation", but I have a difficulty in understanding the 
difference among legal kinds of "users". The way we consider @large 
is throught their contribution to usage. It happens that we have no 
current corporation on our list as such, but we certainly have 
associations chair who are there more than in personnal capacity ?

>Of course individuals can be commercial (a point we still need to 
>make in the GNSO stakeholder group formation process.)
>>I had a quick look to the 2 DD (AUI of Spain and E-senior form France).
>>It seems that they can be qualified to be ALSs.
>>All the best
>>Sébastien Bachollet
>>Président d'honneur - Isoc France
>>sebastien.bachollet at isoc.fr
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>>>  Dear Sébastien and all,
>>>  sorry I thought this was sent to the entire list for review already. I
>>>  am forwarding this (and a 2nd ALS application afterwards) for your
>>>  info.
>>>  Best,
>>>  Wolf
>>>  Matthias Langenegger wrote Sun, 19 Apr 2009 08:10:
>>>  >Dear Wolf and Dessi,
>>>  >
>>>  >On February 22nd, we received a European ALS application from the
>>>  Associación Usuarios Internet of Spain, which is based in Madrid.
>>>  Please find the Due Diligence form attached.
>>>  >
>>>  >We kindly ask you to provide us with the regional advice for this
>>>  application in your capacity as EURALO officers. Your advice will
>>>  support the review of the At-Large Advisory Committee on this
>>>  application.
>>>  >
>>>  >According to our timeline for ALS applications, the due date for the
>>>  regional advice was April 12th. Due to delays with the due diligence
>>>  form we are currently behind schedule for this application. We would
>>>  like to encourage you to provide us with regional advise for this
>>>  application within the next two weeks to ensure that the process
>>>  suffers no further delays.
>>>  >
>>>  >We would like to remind you that the DD form could contain sensitive
>>>  information. Please read it carefully before sending it off to third
>>>  parties.
>>>  >
>>>  >Regards,
>>>  >
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