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Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Wed Apr 15 04:51:53 EDT 2009

I am sorry to be the messenger of this very sad news


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Subject: Paco de Quinto
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:22:16 +0200
From: Jordi Iparraguirre <ipa at domini.cat>
To: Rudi Vansnick <rudi.vansnick at isoc.be>, 'sebastien bachollet'
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Dear friends,

I do not know if you have already been told by other means.

It is with great surprise and sorrow that I learn that our ISOC-CAT 
colleague Paco de Quinto died as a consequence of a heart attack.

I got the bad new via the ISOC-CAT mail-list and just found the the url 


He was a well known lawyer quite involved in different legal aspects of 
the Internet use (e-signature, privacy, etc), wrote books on these 
topics and also served in pasts ISOC-CAT boards. He was 62. We'll miss him.

Please share this with the rest of the EURALO team too.

Thanks and all the best,

Jordi Iparraguirre
Fundació puntCAT

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