[EURO-Discuss] [At-Large] New Community Website - conversion done, new site online!

Veronica Cretu VeronicaC at diplomacy.edu
Tue Mar 25 17:23:40 EDT 2008

Greetings Nick! And Congradulations for the Well Done Job! Looking forward 
to further developments of our new web page! From now on, At Large Community 
needs to get actively involved in making the web page inclusive and 
effective for everyone involved!
Good luck!
Veronica Cretu

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Subject: [At-Large] New Community Website - conversion done, new site 

Dear members of the community:

I'm very pleased to be able to tell you that the conversion has been 
completed and the new website is up and running at www.atlarge.icann.org!

There's still much to do though:

 1.  We will begin to change the menu structure on both the sides and the 
top to make things more intuitive. A number of documents also need to be 
changed from one long piece of text (like the main page) to individual 
'pieces' of standalone text. The integration of forums and mailing lists for 
a two-way link between them is also pending. As those things are done we 
will also:
 2.  start migration a lot of the wiki content over to the main site - and 
also migrate the calendar from Google calendar
 3.  We'll create the regional sub-sites, so that it will become possible to 
allow community contribution of material to the site.
 4.  We'll start to 'turn on' features such as: RSS-feeds of blogs of 
members of the community related to ICANN (we will put out a call for those 
of you with blogs to send your URLs in - but hang on; we're not ready quite 

I hope that you are all as excited by this milestone as I am. It has been a 
year in the making, and it may still look a bit like the old site - but 
we've now got a solid foundation to build a truly collaborative future!



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