[EURO-Discuss] Happy Women's Day!!!

Veronica Cretu VeronicaC at diplomacy.edu
Fri Mar 7 08:28:33 EST 2008

Dear ALAC/AtLarge Colleagues!

This is to bring the warmest wishes for
ALL Women on ALAC/AtLarge, ALL WOMEN within the ICANN community and
not only:) ... with the International Women's Day and with the

In our part of the world, we do
celebrate March the 8th and it is an important holiday for
us, so this is to share with you the spirit of the coming Holiday!

« You can do almost anything you
put your mind to ...

... You can swim the deepest ocean and
climb the highest peak,

... Be a doctor or fly a plane,

... You can face adversity and still
walk tall,

... You can be very active in
ALAC/AtLarge and ICANN Community:),

... You are strong, beautiful,
compassionate and much more than words could ever say!

Today is yours, and so is every other

Happy Women's Day to all mothers,
wives, daughters, sisters and everyone else we have close at heart!

Happy Holiday from Moldova,

as ever,

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