[Euro-board] Spare travel slots for the Hyderabad meeting

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Aug 4 22:16:13 UTC 2016

Dear EURALO Board,

with the confirmation that our incoming ALAC representative Veronica
Cretu will unfortunately not be able to travel to the next ICANN meeting
in Hyderabad, her travel slot has become available.
In addition, our outgoing ALAC representative Sandra Hoferichter will be
partially funded by the Nominating Committee. We therefore have a spare
airfare slot too.

- 1 full travel slot to Hyderabad that includes the flight &
accommodation for the full length of the meeting
- 1 travel slot to Hyderabad that includes only the airfare. The
traveller will need to work out their own accomodation

The question now comes as to how to select these people within a week.
We could send out a call for candidates and have a quick call next week
to select the candidates. We could suggest candidates based on the work
they are involved in working groups. The process is open at this stage
but it is for EURALO's leadership to decide ASAP. Alternatively we could
have 2 unfunded members of the EURALO Board take the slots. There are
many possibilities. Prompt feedback from you would be appreciated.

Kindest regards,


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