[Euro-board] Awaiting feedback - EURALO August call

Gisella Gruber Gisella.Gruber at icann.org
Wed Jul 27 13:40:11 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Olivier - thank you for your prompt response.

We will monitor the feedback over the next few days. If we don¹t hear back
from anyone by early next week, we will schedule the EURALO call on
Tuesday 16 August 2016.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

On 27/07/2016, 14:31, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond" <ocl at gih.com> wrote:

>Dear Gisella,
>thank you for your kind follow-up. On the call, the consensus was that
>we needed to have a call in August. I have heard some people say that it
>was perhaps better to have the call in late August, but other people
>also said they preferred that the call does not change date.
>The default is that the call does not change date and remains at 16
>August. I am appealing to EURALO Board members if they think it should
>be changed to 23 August on this occasion.
>Kindest regards,
>On 27/07/2016 12:38, Gisella Gruber wrote:
>> Dear Olivier,
>> Further to the EURALO call yesterday, would you be so kind as to
>> confirm whether you wish to hold an EURALO call in August?
>> We currently have it scheduled on Tuesday 16 August at 18:00 UTC.
>> Tuesday 23 August is an option as well ­ we have the ALAC call that
>> day at 04:00 UTC.
>> Thank you.
>> Kind regards,
>> Gisella

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