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Jimmy Schulz jimmy.schulz at load-ev.de
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Hi all,

Am 03.04.16 um 15:23 schrieb Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond:

> thanks very much for your feedback. Please be so kind to find my answers
> interspersed in your text:


> On 01/04/2016 15:45, Mikhail Medrish wrote:


>> 2. About "significant numbers of independent members".
>> The total number of independent At-Large members is only 21. 7
>> independent members has NARALO and 14 members - one of our ALS
>> - *European Individual Users Association*
>> So, I suggest either to exclude "significant" or to mention 21 as a
>> number of such members.
> Putting a number would immediately make this printed brochure obsolete.
> We want to seriously increase the number of individual members. What
> NARALO does is their own business, but in Europe, we want to
> significantly increase the number of members.
> The original term was "growing number" -- so if "significant" does not
> presently describe European Individual Users Association, let's revert
> back to "growing number" which is more accurate, without presuming that
> it exceeds the number of organisations.

I think "growing number" would be the best solution.

>> 3. A pair of comments.
>> - I'm not agree with the last tow sentences in the box "What is ICANN"
>> - left bottom on the second page.
>> "ICANN, formed in 1998, is a not-for-profit global organizantion
>> dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It
>> promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique
>> identifiers."
>>    -> "global organization" is not correct. ICANN is the USA
>> organization, based in California. I prefer simply to exclude "global"
>>    -> "It promotes competition and develops policy" is not correct. No
>> competition at all. Policies is the result of bottom up process.
>> Policy is the result that goes from the SO and AC. 
>>          So, I suggest to take one phrase directly from ICANN's Bylaw
>> instead of the last sentence.
>>     "The mission of ICANN is to coordinate, at the overall level, the
>>     global Internet's systems of unique identifiers, and in particular
>>     to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique
>>     identifier systems."
> OK I agree. Excellent suggestion Mikhail.

As ICANN changed (or tried to to change in that direction) it is still
not a global organization. Mikhail is right even if there was a
development that ICANN will change in the direction the the last
sentence implies. So I agree that we should stick to Bylaw version (for
the moment)

>> -  I'm not aggree with the text in the box "What is the European
>> Regional At-Large organization (EURALO)
>>     -> the last sentencie "Playing a key role in ICANN’s regional
>>     strategies, several RALOs partner with ICANN’s Global Stakeholder
>>     Engagement team to facilitate the development of critical
>>     infrastructure for the Domain Name System." is not clear to me. 
>>     We are speaking about EURALO in the box with name "What is the
>>     EURALO?". ICANN has no such document as Regional Strategy for
>>     Europe (and also North America).
> Thanks for pointing this out. I would have to check this with Heidi &
> GSE. I know that each region is supposed to have a regional strategy. So
> I cannot respond before having confirmation of EUROPE Regional Strategy.
> (both Jean Jacques Sahel & Michael Yakushev).

Olivier: please do that and than come back with what You've found.

>>     -> To "facilitate the development of critical infrastructure for
>>     the Domain Name System" is the issue to think about for GNSO
>>     and/or ccNSO, not for RALOs
>>     Our goals are (look at the MoU):
>>         = To provide a forum and promote and encourage European
>>         Internet users' participation and involvement in ICANN in an
>>         open, accountable and transparent manner;
>>         = To promote, understand and advocate for individual Internet
>>         users and to provide a forum for outreach, co-ordination and
>>         exchange of information and knowledge for persons who live in
>>         the European region as defined by ICANN;
>>         = To act as an interface between individual Internet users and
>>         ICANN and to promote skills development and information
>>         exchange related to the Internet amongst Members;
>>         = To breach the digital divide and encourage users in
>>         developing countries to participate in EURALO.
>>         = To promote multilingual access to, and participation in,
>>         ICANN's work, and to respect other aspects of cultural diversity
>>     ​As to me it is not bad to copy above wording or some part to the
>>     flyer.
> Good point too. Due to space restrictions, we might need to reduce this
> a little bit, but the basis for this text is good. Everyone else, what
> do you think?

I like this text, if possible lets fit it in.

>> 4. I have one comment directly inside the text of the email from
>> Olivier. To change "end user" to "internet user". 
> ... as in the bylaws. ;-)


cu jimmy...
Jimmy Schulz
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