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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Mon Jan 18 22:55:48 UTC 2016

Dear Matthieu and all,

thanks for this feedback which is much appreciated!

Regarding the questions you raised below:
- there is a strong portion among our members (more than half I guess) that has always seen the domain industry as an important and partly innovative business driving factor while questioning the Internet (since its internationalization and commercialization in the 1990ies) as a mere market place. Many of our members (my ALS included BTW) struggle since years for open access, free software and open source, the public domain or the definition und pursue of public spaces on the Internet;
- I think we have strong support from our members for promoting concepts and models like "the Internet as a common good" and strengthening traditions and values like the Public Interest (where we have various allies in the GAC).

On your last question (how to improve the visibility of end users in ICANN?) I must admit I have more questions than answers I can provide in brief ;-).

Kind regards,

Matthieu Camus wrote Mon, 18 Jan 2016 11:43:
>Dear EURALO Board,
>I wish you a very happy new year to all of you!
>I reread the Wolf's document about the public interest. This vision is
>certainly common to the European multistakeholders.
>As a Board member, I would like to explore this notion with the other
>members of EURALO. Below are some preliminary questions:
>- why the Internet (and especially domain name policies) is essentially
>seen by the politics as an economic tool and not a societal or cultural one?
>- can we share a compromise to consider some parts of the Internet as a
>common good?
>- how to improve the visibility of final users in the ICANN and how to have
>more weight on the policy making (related to accountability)?
>Best regards,
>Matthieu Camus
>Vice-président, Internet Society France
>matthieu.camus at isoc.fr
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