[Euro-board] Coming up to a New Year

Matthieu Camus matthieu.camus at isoc.fr
Mon Jan 18 10:43:50 UTC 2016

Dear EURALO Board,

I wish you a very happy new year to all of you!

I reread the Wolf's document about the public interest. This vision is
certainly common to the European multistakeholders.

As a Board member, I would like to explore this notion with the other
members of EURALO. Below are some preliminary questions:
- why the Internet (and especially domain name policies) is essentially
seen by the politics as an economic tool and not a societal or cultural one?
- can we share a compromise to consider some parts of the Internet as a
common good?
- how to improve the visibility of final users in the ICANN and how to have
more weight on the policy making (related to accountability)?

Best regards,
Matthieu Camus

Vice-président, Internet Society France
matthieu.camus at isoc.fr

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