[Euro-board] Goals for this term

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Jan 8 16:56:06 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

last month I asked that we all share our share out goals for this term
on the EURALO mailing list, as a follow-up to the EURALO call.
Reading the transcript of the call, please find the following contributions:

Mikhail Medrish:
/the first point for//
//the Board is to review the EURALO main document, because this//
//document today is far from the reality, from what we are doing. This is//
//the main problem for the first period. Afterwards, we will try to write//
//down what the EURALO Board is and what the tasks are that we’ll work//
//during the next period of time, until the  EURALO//
//Board selection period. I suppose it’s necessary to do that. Thank you./

This builds on Mikhail's election manifesto:

/In case I’m elected to the Board, I plan to initiate a process of
updating the EURALO’s Articles of Association. I believe it should be

/Actual practices are far from the Articles of Association. Some
examples. General Assembly elected a Chair of EURALO, but such role
doesn’t mention in the Articles of Association. From the other side
General Assembly were to elect Board and at the same time to appoint the
Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board, but did not do it. By the way, not
the whole Board must be elected, but only a half for 2 years. Another
half must be elected next year.

Mathieu and Annette, we are waiting for your contributions on what your
goals are for this term?

Best wishes,


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