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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Nov 2 18:55:26 UTC 2010

Hello Wolf and Adam,

on 31 October 2010, I wrote:

The ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure state:

27.6 Final Candidate List
Following the publication of the BCEC slate of candidates, RALOs have an
opportunity to add candidates to that list. Candidates shall only be
added if they had previously submitted a SoI to the BCEC during the
current selection process, and if they receive the support through
formal action of at least three of the five RALOs.


It would therefore be possible for EURALO to initiate such a process,
called "petition".

It is therefore EURALO's job to initiate a petition. As Adam said, the
candidates should be asked whether they wish to go ahead with petition.
If that is so, then I see Wolf's course of action in writing to the
other RALOs as being correct.

* Avri has indicated that she's looking forward to petition
* neither Jean Jacques nor Jordi have acknowledged their interest in a
petition because they have not been asked. Wolf should therefore write
to both ASAP.

Just my 0.02€ on process. :-)

Kind regards,


Le 02/11/2010 19:19, Wolf Ludwig a écrit :
> I am not clear about the technical details of the petition process neither, 
> Adam, but I still believe in the case of Avri EURALO has a kind of mandate 
> from its members who suggested her at the beginning of the process. 
> As she was not considered on the slate, it could be the "duty" of a RALO 
> - assuming the interests of its members - to try to bring her back into 
> the game again. This is just my interpretation.
> Wolf
>  Adam Peake wrote Wed, 3 Nov 2010 03:01:
>> I can't remember how the petition process is described in the relevant
>> documents, but I think it is for *candidates* to petition to get on
>> the slate, not for the RALOs and individual At Large members to launch
>> a petition (or where would the process ever end...)
>> Adam
>> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 2:50 AM, Wolf Ludwig <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>>> I understand and share your reflections on this, Adam.
>>> Once we agreed to have a petition for the mentioned three, we have
>>> to ask the other two whether they agree to our petitioning on their
>>> behalf -- this was a matter of course to me, perhaps silent enough ;-)
>>> Your second point came to my mind as well, the question of proportionality
>>> and appearance to other RALOs, especially those of the South. For Avri we
>>> have a kind of mandate already, the other two Europeans didn't ask us yet
>>> for doing this. Lobbying for three Europeans and an additional Northern
>>> American will somehow marginalise the only candidate from the South (Pierre)
>>> what is not intended by us but could be perceived as the old Northern or
>>> notorious post-colonial hegemony or arrogance (they still believe they are
>>> the best ...) and provoke unwanted but understandable counter reflexes.
>>> This IMO is a serious point to be taken into consideration.
>>> Best,
>>> Wolf
>>> Adam Peake wrote Wed, 3 Nov 2010 01:13:
>>>> Having seen my email back via the list, it reads a little more
>>>> negatively than I intended. Anyway...
>>>> 1.  before we petition for someone we should ask them (this takes more time)
>>>> 2. if we come up with a set of new names to petition, 2 european and 1
>>>> originally proposed by EURALO, how will the others react?  (and
>>>> there's already 1 european on the BCEC slate).
>>>> Adam
>>>> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 12:45 AM, Adam Peake <ajp at glocom.ac.jp> wrote:
>>>>> I think before we petition for anyone to be added to the slate we have
>>>>> to ask them first.
>>>>> Getting a little concerned that we are making a complicated process
>>>>> more complicated.  Not sure how the other RALOs will react.
>>>>> Adam
>>>>> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 12:31 AM, Wolf Ludwig
>>>>> <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>>>>>> Dear all,
>>>>>> as repeatedly discussed with several of you, I think there is consent that EURALO should launch an inter-RALO petition to get Avri and some more valid candidates back on the slate again. Below you can find a draft for such a petition to organise support from (at least two) other RALOs. Your comments, editings (from native speakers) ,modifications etc. are strongly welcome -- but please mark or insert them in the draft text already (to avoid time intensive tracing of suggested modifications for the final version).  Thanks! If Olivier wants to co-sign the letter, you are welcome.
>>>>>> Kind regards,
>>>>>> Wolf
>>>>>> --- beginning (Draft) ---
>>>>>> EURALO Petition text:
>>>>>> Dear Fatima,
>>>>>> Dear Hong,
>>>>>> Dear Andrés,
>>>>>> Dear Evan,
>>>>>> Dear RALO members
>>>>>> In the context of the on-going At-Large voting Board Director selection process EURALO members suggested Avri Doria in August 2010 already to be added on the ALAC list of potential candidates. Avri Doria submitted her Statement of Interest (SoI) to the BCDE and ICANN as a prerequisite for being considered. EURALO supported her candidature because we believe Avri would be an excellent BD for the user community in view of her long-standing expertise, involvement at ICANN, sensitivity for user and community concerns and her proven leadership capacities. When Avri submitted her remarkable SoI, we were reaffirmed that she would be a suitable candidate for this position.
>>>>>> There was considerable disappointment in the EURALO community when we learned from the At-Large slate published last week that she was not even nominated. We face some difficulties to understand why only three candidates were short-listed in a given option of five to seven and out of 22 pre-verified names. The lack of any gender consideration is only one disturbing aspect of the final selection. And as we could see from the Overview of Applicants on At-Large Director Candidate 2010 Workspace
>>>>>> (see --  https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Director+Candidate+2010+Workspace)
>>>>>> there were some more highly qualified and suitable applicants who were not considered needlessly narrowing variety and option of choice for the At-Large community.
>>>>>> As you may be aware, there is an agreed procedure that EURALO members will be consulted over the next weeks to vote on their preferred candidates to enable a directed vote to the EURALO Chair. And some of our members indicated their frustration and concern already about the given lack of choices. We were therefore asked to launch an inter-RALO petition ASAP to extend the At-Large voting slate again. According to the rules of procedure, candidates can only be reintroduced on the final slate if they get support from three RALOs at least. Therefore we would like to ask you for your respective support on the reconsideration of the following candidates:
>>>>>> -Avri Doria
>>>>>> -Jean-Jacques Subrenat
>>>>>> -Jordi Palet Martinez
>>>>>> We think it is self-explanatory that petitioning on behalf of someone or more candidates on a slate does not indicate any prejudice or mean a promise to vote for them – what is in the well-understood sovereignty of each RALO and its members. Decisions on voting should be based however on variety of choice, equality of gender and chances and full consideration of the candidates’ potentials. Under these conditions our members will have a broader chance of selection to make up their minds. We are simply trying to give ourselves the best options in selecting the best candidate.
>>>>>> We would appreciate any favourable consideration and forwarding of our petition to your RALO and members and would be grateful for your support.
>>>>>> Thanks and kind regards,
>>>>>> Wolf Ludwig
>>>>>> EURALO Chair
>>>>>> --- end of draft ---
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