[Euro-board] Draft EURALO petition on At-Large slate

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Tue Nov 2 17:30:22 UTC 2010

Dear Wolf:

As one of the EURALO members of BCEC, I shall abstain. I suggest that  
this is now a question for the Chairs of the EURALO At Large Structures.
I shall do what I can within BCEC to hold the door open to this  



On 02 Nov 2010, at 16:31, Wolf Ludwig wrote:

> Dear all,
> as repeatedly discussed with several of you, I think there is  
> consent that EURALO should launch an inter-RALO petition to get Avri  
> and some more valid candidates back on the slate again. Below you  
> can find a draft for such a petition to organise support from (at  
> least two) other RALOs. Your comments, editings (from native  
> speakers) ,modifications etc. are strongly welcome -- but please  
> mark or insert them in the draft text already (to avoid time  
> intensive tracing of suggested modifications for the final  
> version).  Thanks! If Olivier wants to co-sign the letter, you are  
> welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Wolf
> --- beginning (Draft) ---
> EURALO Petition text:
> Dear Fatima,
> Dear Hong,
> Dear Andrés,
> Dear Evan,
> Dear RALO members
> In the context of the on-going At-Large voting Board Director  
> selection process EURALO members suggested Avri Doria in August 2010  
> already to be added on the ALAC list of potential candidates. Avri  
> Doria submitted her Statement of Interest (SoI) to the BCDE and  
> ICANN as a prerequisite for being considered. EURALO supported her  
> candidature because we believe Avri would be an excellent BD for the  
> user community in view of her long-standing expertise, involvement  
> at ICANN, sensitivity for user and community concerns and her proven  
> leadership capacities. When Avri submitted her remarkable SoI, we  
> were reaffirmed that she would be a suitable candidate for this  
> position.
> There was considerable disappointment in the EURALO community when  
> we learned from the At-Large slate published last week that she was  
> not even nominated. We face some difficulties to understand why only  
> three candidates were short-listed in a given option of five to  
> seven and out of 22 pre-verified names. The lack of any gender  
> consideration is only one disturbing aspect of the final selection.  
> And as we could see from the Overview of Applicants on At-Large  
> Director Candidate 2010 Workspace
> (see --  https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Director+Candidate+2010+Workspace)
> there were some more highly qualified and suitable applicants who  
> were not considered needlessly narrowing variety and option of  
> choice for the At-Large community.
> As you may be aware, there is an agreed procedure that EURALO  
> members will be consulted over the next weeks to vote on their  
> preferred candidates to enable a directed vote to the EURALO Chair.  
> And some of our members indicated their frustration and concern  
> already about the given lack of choices. We were therefore asked to  
> launch an inter-RALO petition ASAP to extend the At-Large voting  
> slate again. According to the rules of procedure, candidates can  
> only be reintroduced on the final slate if they get support from  
> three RALOs at least. Therefore we would like to ask you for your  
> respective support on the reconsideration of the following candidates:
> -Avri Doria
> -Jean-Jacques Subrenat
> -Jordi Palet Martinez
> We think it is self-explanatory that petitioning on behalf of  
> someone or more candidates on a slate does not indicate any  
> prejudice or mean a promise to vote for them – what is in the well- 
> understood sovereignty of each RALO and its members. Decisions on  
> voting should be based however on variety of choice, equality of  
> gender and chances and full consideration of the candidates’  
> potentials. Under these conditions our members will have a broader  
> chance of selection to make up their minds. We are simply trying to  
> give ourselves the best options in selecting the best candidate.
> We would appreciate any favourable consideration and forwarding of  
> our petition to your RALO and members and would be grateful for your  
> support.
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Wolf Ludwig
> EURALO Chair
> --- end of draft ---
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