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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Mon Sep 27 15:06:48 UTC 2010

 Dear ICANN Staff,

please find the EURALO monthly report attached.
This month, you have asked for it to be emailed to you instead of being
posted on the Social Wiki.
Since I was short of time, the EURALO Board has not had a chance to read
it prior to it being posted. I therefore invite the EURALO Board to
email you any desired amendments and/or edit it once it is posted.

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September 2010 EURALO Secretariat Monthy Report

A EURALO General Assembly took place at the Internet Governance Forum
(IGF) in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Wednesday 15 September 2010 from 18:00 -
20:00 local time. It was attended in person by representatives from 10
ALSes, and remotely by representative from two ALSes.
ICANN Staff attended the meeting remotely.

The GA took place immediately after a EURODIG meeting and therefore had
the pleasure of the presence of several guests, including some from
potential EURALO ALS applicants: Yuliya Morenets (Together Against
Cybercrime, France), Oksana Prykhodko (European Media Platform, Ukraine)
and Tetiana Popova (Ukrainian Internet Association). Many other guests
were present too.

Remote participation was possible by using the Webex System used
throughout the IGF. Whilst it is acknowledged that technical intricacies
made remote participation challenging (the interfacing of a face to face
meeting with public address microphone system, with Webex, as well as an
Adigo line is technically challenging), especially due to the fact that
the room's acoustics were far from adequate, eventually most technical
problems were overcome.

The following action items stemmed out of the meeting:

- ICANN Budget

EURALO will submit a proposal to the ICANN budget process to ask for
travel funding for the next EURALO meeting which will be held in
conjunction with the ICANN European meeting.
A note will be added to the EURALO budget, that printing material costs
should be covered by ICANN.

- Review of EURALO By-laws and needs for revision

There have recently been many enquires to members of the EURALO Board
about individuals being able to join EURALO. So far, individual members
do not hold voting rights, but have taken part in working groups and on
the Board, on a case by case basis. A solution is sought so as to be
able to grow the EURALO region membership.
Evan Leibovitch very kindly gave a short remote presentation explaining
the NARALO rules pertaining to unaffiliated members. We have named this
"Option A".
Another option is option B:

OPTION A: Formally create a new membership category for unaffiliated members
OPTION B: Create a new ALS within the current structure that serves as
the home to unaffiliated members

The EURALO leadership will submit a proposal in writing for possible
Bylaw changes to the regional members. In addition, The proposed changes
will include provisions to include unaffiliated members and also review
the term limits for Board members. They will also look into a possible
alignment of all EURALO elections. These discussions will soon be opened
within EURALO, with an outcome and decisions due to take place at the
ICANN Cartagena Meeting in December 2010.

- EURALO ALAC Election

Sandra Hoferichter was unanimously endorsed by the EURALO members
present in the meeting. Congratulations to Sandra!

- EURALO Board Elections

Yjrö Länsipuro was unanimously elected to the EURALO Board by the
members of EURALO. Congratulations to Yjrö!

- At Large elected Board Director Process

In accordance with Article VI, Section 4 of the ICANN Bylaws
<http://www.icann.org/en/general/bylaws.htm#VI>, Sébastien Bachollet
asked to be replaced in all the discussion and actions taking place in
the ALAC in relation to the At-Large Board Director election. Olivier
Crépin-Leblond volunteered to replace Sébastien in all the discussion
and actions taking place in the ALAC in relation to the At-Large Board
Director election.

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Kind regards,


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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