[Euro-board] Draft of member communication on the Board Selection process

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Dear all,
sometimes a picture (or diagram) is worth a thousand words. At least I now think I understand how it works. So please include the diagram!

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      after re-reading Matthias's suggestions, may I suggest an
      explanation to show a diagram as follows:


      Candidate SOI ---> BCEC selects it --yes---+--> Candidate on
      Voting Slate

                                |                ^

                                no               |

                                |                |

                                v                |

                                |                |

                          Support from --yes-->--+

                          RALO petition?




                                no  ---> Candidate not on voting



      BCEC = Board Candidate Evaluation Committee


      In either case, the candidate has to have submitted an SOI to be


      I hope this helps, and perhaps it could be included in the


      Kind regards,





    Le 17/08/2010 19:43, Wolf Ludwig a écrit :
      Dear all,

thanks again for your participation at our today's call! As agreed at the end of the call on Agenda item 9, attached please find the DRAFT of a member communication on the Board Selection process for your review and modifications ...

This Mail should be finally circulated to the Euro-Discuss-list tomorrow PM latest. Your inputs are welcome (to Olivier and me) until 12:00 AM/ tomorrow noon-time.

May I ask you that suggested modifications are formulated in a way that the whole issue is not getting too complicate and the procedure doesn't look highly intransparent -- for the majority of our members who do not deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Thanks for your cooperation and kind regards,

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