[Euro-board] EURALO

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Wed Apr 14 13:01:08 CDT 2010

Dear all,

it occurred to me that I am still a member of the EURALO Board. I am 
very sorry and a bit ashamed that I could not participate in the works, 
even if I lurk the mailing list every now and then. I have been busy on 
a number of other projects, one of which was setting up a national 
political movement which basically swallowed up my whole life. Also, I 
do not have funds any more to attend ICANN meetings or other IG events, 
and this makes it hard for me to keep up with new developments.

Thus, I'm writing to let you know that, should you have someone 
available to replace me, I am ready to resign at any time, as I cannot 
keep up with my duties as a Board member.

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