[Euro-board] TR: [At-Large] REMINDER / Community Call: At-Large Director Selection Process / Wednesday 27 January @ 14:00 UTC

Sébastien Bachollet sebastien at bachollet.com
Wed Jan 27 02:28:31 CST 2010

Dear all,
One point we will have to work on is populating the 2 committees.

At-Large Board Selection Design Team (ABSdt)
"A small group will need to be created very quickly to firmly define the
time-line and oversee the process. Part or all of the ALAC Executive
Committee could comprise this group, but it should not be limited to these
people. Once candidates are formally solicited, no one who has submitted
their name may participate in ABSdt deliberations.
The ABSdt will oversee the formulation of the selection process as well as
oversee its execution. In future selections, a new person or body will be
charged with this responsibility."

At-Large Board Member Selection Committee
"The selection of candidates to comprise the election slate should be made
by an At-Large Board Selection Committee. The ABSC should be composed of two
representatives from each ICANN region and a Chair. The Chair shall be
selected by the ALAC and the chair shall have a vote. All ABSC members will
need to confirm their willingness and ability to dedicate significant time
to the process."

We need 2 names for each.
For the ABSdt, as Vice-Chair of ALAC, I could be involved as the other
"ex-com" member up to the time that someone is candidate.
As I already told you, I will be candidate and therefore I am not willing to
be part of the ABSdt.

Can we exchange on possible names and see how to finalize the Euralo
participation in ABSdt and ABSC?
All the best
Sébastien Bachollet
sebastien at bachollet.com
+33 6 07 66 89 33

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Objet : [At-Large] REMINDER / Community Call: At-Large Director Selection
Process / Wednesday 27 January @ 14:00 UTC

Dear All,

The At-Large community is invited to a
teleconference on the At-Large Director Selection Process on Wednesday, 27
January 2010 at 1400 UTC.

06:00 PST, 09:00 EST, 11:00 Buenos Aires, 14:00 London, 15:00 CET, 17:00
Nairobi, 22:00 Singapore/Hong Kong, 01:00 Sydney (28.01)

As the concluding step in the community consultation about the At-Large
Director Selection process, this telephonic opportunity is to discuss the
recently released White Paper on this important issue
(see Director White Paper:
https://st.icann.org/alac-docs/index.cgi?director_white_paper ).

The ALAC seeks this additional At-Large Community feedback on the process to
appoint a voting ICANN Board Director in order to submit a FINAL DRAFT
process to the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) of the Board

We invite you to place your comments - individual or collective ­ at the
bottom of this meeting page:

The draft agenda, participation instructions and background information is
also available on the page above.

Please let us know if you require a dial-out by emailing
staff at atlarge.icann.org.

Please note this call will be held in English AND in Spanish.

Thank you.


Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Gisella Gruber-White, Marilyn Vernon,
Kristina Nordström
ICANN At-Large Staff

email: staff[at]atlarge.icann.org
website: www.atlarge.icann.org

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