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    Dear At-large community,

    The March edition of the ccNSO Monthly Newsletter is out now.

    Some aspects for your attention:

  * Governance issue: undergoing voting for adoption of the proposed new
    ccNSO internal rules
  * ccNSO & DNS Abuse: Council adopted the Roadmap. Next steps
  * ccNSO Council Highlights

    Thank you.

    Lianna Galstyan

March 2022
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ccNSO News March 2022 | Issue 38

      Become the ccNSO appointed delegate to the ICANN NomCom

The ccNSO Council is now looking for one (1) volunteer to serve on the 
2022 ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom) on behalf of the ccNSO. The 
deadline to apply is Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (23:59 UTC).

Information on how to apply, key responsibilities and duties, time 
commitment, candidate requirements, terms of eligibility, diversity 
requirements and more have been posted on the ccNSO website.

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ccTLD News Sessions

For ccTLDs, by ccTLDs: Join the speaker panel

On 19 and 24 May, the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee (MPC) will hold 
the next edition of the virtual ccTLD News Sessions. The MPC will soon 
issue a call for presentations and is seeking speakers on themed 
ccTLD-related topics. There will be two options to participate, 
accommodating different time zones.

Each 90-minute session has a unique agenda. The sessions are an 
excellent opportunity for both experienced and new people to meet, share 
best practices, be informed about trends, and discuss ccTLD-related aspects.

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  ccNSO Members: remember to vote!

Your vote is important!

The 2004 rules specify that in order for the new rules to be adopted, a 
vote by at least 86 ccNSO members is required, of which at least 66% 
needs to be in favour.

Only ccTLD Managers who are members of the ccNSO are eligible to vote.

Ballots were sent to the e-mail address of the primary contacts of each 
ccNSO Member, as listed in the ccNSO Members database.

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This is a reminder to participate in the ccNSO vote, to determine 
whether the ccNSO membership supports the adoption of the proposed new 
ccNSO internal rules 
Voting closes on Wednesday, 6 April 2022 (23:59 UTC).

The new rules will have a direct impact on the governance structure of 
the ccNSO, specifically on the respective roles and responsibilities of 
the ccNSO Council and ccNSO members.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 14.46.12.png 	

Reflections on ccNSO evolution

Ensuring ccNSO governance is fit for purpose

Chris Disspain and David McAuley are experienced members of the 
community, who actively contribute to the work of the ccNSO. When the 
internal ccNSO Rules were created in 2004, Chris was ccNSO Council 
Chair. Together with a small number of colleagues, he wrote the 2004 
Rules. He also facilitated a number of sessions on their review. David 
McAuley (picture on the right) is a member of the ccNSO Guidelines 
Review Committee (GRC) since 2014. David chaired the GRC subgroup that 
drafted a new set of Internal Rules for the ccNSO. Under David's 
leadership, the group held various consultations with the ccNSO 
membership to identify issues, find solutions and to update about 
progress. A ccNSO vote to determine whether the ccNSO Members adopt the 
proposed rules closes 6 April 2022.

In this interview, David and Chris reflect on the process that led to 
the new proposed rules and their respective roles. They also share their 
advice to those who consider joining a ccNSO Working Group. David 
encourages all to help to ensure that ccNSO continues to be vibrant, 
organized, and well managed, with Chris adding: "You do not need to be 
an expert to help!"

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  ccNSO & DNS Abuse

Picture 1.jpg 	

  Council adopted the Roadmap

At its meeting on 10 March, the ccNSO Council adopted the Roadmap 
<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001wBdk065Jx807AeOpuNLdJ2CoEvWIW4rF83_ZVvlxp2NverRtaM0TubEgXHdxhSV484mzlCL-CBYQoR9h5Lmi93nUHulQ7dvnbr83LG9q6tn89y_fgrusGAjnSNLwarYysrDFGVVvSE3kxMFD_myopfWGZtQPXzDDeiLD97kjHMl9Yb_LbDEAOvIrjEjjZLsqXKMH8KVR2iFX4ZQx5fhwDA==&c=MK3L_bkyM-JijuV7fuqglQqLgSF7ZKjHOu8rBPX8_emu-b4dvi_AXw==&ch=tod5Zx6fISlgM-AvWHpDr_dihr9r67FsJYhQC4X7GFBBOTQKNhthnA==> for 
the role of the ccNSO with respect to DNS Abuse.

During ICANN73, ccTLDs suggested areas for improvement to the envisaged 
ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC) draft Terms of Reference, 
specifically to include safeguards with respect to the scope of its 
mandate. By COB on 31 March, the amended Terms of Reference 
will become available too. As a next step, Council will start looking 
for volunteers to join as members of the DASC.

Roadmap highlights

The Roadmap provides a high level overview of the activities and phasing 
on how the ccNSO could be involved in the discussion and work around 
mitigating the impact of DNS Abuse. The main areas of activities are:

  * Enhance sharing of information and practices for the benefit of ccTLDs
  * Showcase ccTLD efforts
  * Reinforce the message about the nature of ccTLDs and the (limited)
    role of the ccNSO when addressing other stakeholders in the DNS
  * Share DNS Abuse related metrics

To coordinate these activities, the Roadmap suggests creating the ccNSO 
DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC). This Committee would consist of 
ccTLD representatives. The Committee is expected to create and maintain 
a repository of useful resources for ccTLD managers. DASC will also 
explore creating a dedicated email list for ccTLDs to share experiences 
and stay informed with respect to DNS Abuse. Subscription to the email 
list would be voluntary.

Read more 

ccNSO Council Highlights

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 15.21.09.png 	

The ccNSO Council had its 181th meeting 
Thursday, 10 March 2022, 12 UTC at ICANN73. Council meetings are open to 
observers. To attend, please contact the ccNSO Secretariat.

Highlights from recent Council discussions:

  * During ICANN73, the ccNSO held various sessions which included Tech
    Day, ccNSO Members Meetings, and ccNSO Council sessions. The ccNSO
    Council elected a new leadership team for the upcoming year and
    discussed the roles and responsibilities of individual ccNSO
    councilors for the year ahead. The ccNSO Council also agreed on next
    steps regarding the proposed roadmap for the ccNSO and DNS abuse.
  * Following a call for volunteers for one ccNSO appointee to the
    Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), Council appointed Qing
    Cai (.cn)
  * Following a call for volunteers for one ccNSO appointee to the Root
    Server System Governance Working Group (GWG), Council appointed
    Peter Koch (.de)

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 16.30.40.png

      ccNSO Council elects a new leadership team

At its meeting on 10 March 2022, the ccNSO Council elected a new 
leadership team. Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) was re-elected as Chair of the 
ccNSO Council and Jordan Carter (.nz) was re-elected as Vice-Chair. 
Adebiyi (Biyi) Oladipo (.ng) joined the leadership team as Vice-Chair. 
Alejandra, Jordan and Biyi were elected for a one-year term starting at 
the end of ICANN73 and ending at the end of ICANN76. The ccNSO Council 
wishes to thank Pablo Rodriguez for his service as Vice Chair. Consult 
the 2022 ccNSO Council resolutions here 

country code Names Supporting Organisationhttps://ccnso.icann.org 
ccnsosecretariat at icann.org 


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