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Tue Mar 15 10:42:56 UTC 2022

Dear all,


Please kindly note that the ICANN73 GAC Communique has just been published:


In the communique you will find references to DNS Abuse, Subsequent
Procedures, Public Interest and Universal Acceptance. Please also note the
Communique refers to the situation in Ukraine and includes reference to
relevant individual statements made by GAC members:

"The GAC would like to reference the statements made by GAC members during
the GAC Opening Plenary Session on the action taken by Russia against
Ukraine and the related requests from Ukraine to ICANN and the GAC." (p.1.) 

Individual statements are in the session transcript available at:


In a related matter, the UN Open-ended Working Group on security of and in
the use of information and communications technologies just announced the
next round of informal consultations to be held in March and July. Internet
governance issues, including the safe and secure access to critical internet
infrastructures in times of political conflict, are also on the agenda. Thus
far the At-Large has not participated actively as a group in these
proceedings. Should it prove useful, further guidance on how we might want
to get involved, if at all, is welcome. For details, please see here
https://meetings.unoda.org/section/oewg-ict-2021_ngo-information_16382/  and


Tentative dates for informal consultative meetings with stakeholders to be
convened by the Chair of the OEWG (/additional meetings with stakeholders
may be convened by the Chair, if needed/).

1. 24 March 2022

2. 21 July 2022

3. 2 March 2023

4. 13 July 2023


Kind regards,

Joanna Kulesza

ALAC Liaison to the GAC 

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