[At-Large] Ukraine, .RU, and internet governance

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 23:26:13 UTC 2022


The majority of our At-Large members continue to stand by our remit, and
support the ISOC and ICANN calls to minimise any risk to the continued use
of the internet by Internet end-users universally regardless of the
politics of their countries. This is not "doing nothing".


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> On Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 2:12 PM Antony Van Couvering via At-Large <
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>> It’s appears that there is no appetite within this community to block
>> .ru, or to do something substantive to help Ukraine in its hour of need, or
>> even to say something about it. Finally, something that unites a normally
>> fractious group.
> It's worse than that. ICANN won't even take the very minor diplomatic
> steps taken globally in every other sector that, while not cutting .RU out
> of the root, would still help to enforce an isolation that in aggregate may
> help bring the country to change its path. ICANN could deny registration of
> Russian nationals to ICANN meetings or participation in ongoing policy
> activities, or even take the miniscule step of refusing to subsidize their
> travel. Hell, it still won't take action on the rogue .SU domain after all
> these years. And ALAC is quite fine with such inaction, it's had plenty of
> time to consider options to support community isolation while still keeping
> the data flowing.
> But here, in the mindset of all or nothing, both ICANN and ALAC have
> actively chosen nothing. Pathetic.
> Of course there is one more scenario that nobody here will like. As I like
> to remind people, there is no international treaty governing ICANN and the
> IANA "transition" was bullshit, so ICANN remains subject to US (and as we
> saw in the case of .ORG, California) authority. It would not surprise me at
> all if forcing ICANN to cut off Russia remains a back-pocket option of the
> US State Department as an enhanced sanction (now that they've already cut
> off Russian caviar). ICANN's refusal to do ANYTHING only encourages and
> legitimizes such action, but its low external respect guarantees that
> nobody outside the bubble will fight for it.
> - Evan
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