[At-Large] Opera now lets you ditch boring web links and use emojis instead

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> On Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 11:36 PM Karl Auerbach via At-Large <
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> [...] the domain name system is slowly fading from the public eye; that
>> we are moving into a world in which DNS names are becoming more a part
>> of the hidden machinery of the net (like MAC addresses) and that higher
>> level naming abstractions, things like Twitter names or Facebook
>> handles, are becoming the more prevalent forms of naming on the net.
> You're right of course, but there's a whole industry of self-proclaimed
> branding experts holding inventories of "memorable" domain names that prays
> you're not. It's a very burstable bubble.
> But it's not just social media handles and emojis that threaten. In parts
> of Asia and elsewhere, the PITA of non-Latin strings have been widely
> bypassed in favour of QR codes pointing to "illegible" domains. That's
> where the real Universal Acceptance lies.
>> I also am of the belief that on the net attributes are often more important
>> than names.  For instance, if I am looking to buy some machine screws I
>> care more about the attribute "hardware store" than any particular name
>> of such a store.
> Arguably search engines meet much of this need already. One could and
> should have realized that "memorable" domain names were on the way down
> once browser makers merged the search and URL entry fields. From then on,
> typing <mumble> would almost always yield a more satisfying result than
> specifying <mumble.com> or for that matter <mumble.anything>. The
> commoditization of common words and especially category names, driven by an
> ever-growing mining of TLDs under ICANN, has just sped the process of
> turning people towards search and away from normal domain names.

When someone types mumble Google would pull up mumble.anything one after
another and only after that mumble_something_123.anything if
mumble.everthing is already taken by the time mumble wanted to register its
domain name. but mumble with mumble.wellknownTLD is more trusted by anyone
than mumble with somenondescriptivemumble.something

> Cheers,
> Evan
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