[At-Large] Opera now lets you ditch boring web links and use emojis instead

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 15:16:17 UTC 2022

Hyperbole aside, wonder how (or if) emails could work - Dev Anand


"Are you ready to take emojis to the next level? How about using emojis for
a website address? Our new partnership with Yat is helping make this dream
come true, by integrating their emoji system into our browsers on Windows,
Mac, Android and iOS, as well as in the Opera Crypto Browser Project
Long story short, you can now access emoji-only-based web addresses and
register your unique strings of emojis as your personal domains.

With Opera as the first browser to enable emoji-only based web addresses,
we’re bringing a new level of creativity to the internet, letting you
navigate the web with strings of emojis as URLs, instead of letters and

This is a major shift in the way the internet works, and is sign of the
changing times. Thirty-some years ago, the world wide web was first
launched to the public, but not much has changed in regards to weblinks,
and we still use .com in our URLs. Now though, through this integration
with Yat, all you Opera fans can ditch .com, or even words in general, and
make your way to websites using emojis. It’s new, it’s easier and certainly
a lot more fun.

The emojification of Opera is thanks to Yat <https://emojis.y.at/>, the
company that allows you to own personalized strings of emojis. The
emoji-centric integration lets you easily find yat pages—unique domains
that are generated when you create a yat from a personalized string of
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