[At-Large] Not my circus, not my monkeys (Was Re: ACCOUNTABILITY Restart)

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Tue Jan 4 08:00:46 UTC 2022

I made several recommendations when I was forced off of ICANN's board of 
directors in 2003.  Many, perhaps most, of them have not been undertaken 
(indeed I doubt that any of the remaining directors ever bothered to 
read my recommendations.  It's not that it was hard to find the 
recommendations, they are in red text.)


By-the-way, there is a prodigious and Draconian sword of Damocles 
hanging above ICANN's directors, officers, and others (and any other 
such person in a 501(c)(3) - that of "Intermediate Sanctions".  (An 
added twist is that the penalties are an excise *tax* that may not be 
covered by liability insurance.)

It's not clear to me whether a director or officer who is acting under a 
conflict of interest and directly or indirectly benefits might be pulled 
into the spinning blades of the Intermediate Sanctions juggernaut.  But 
given the prodigiously heavy level of the penalties, one with a conflict 
of interest - or even simply receives a benefit - had best be quite sure.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermediate_sanctions


On 1/3/22 11:08 PM, Barry Shein via At-Large wrote:
> Perhaps not useful but there are 20 ICANN board members. Not one of
> them agrees there is a problem as you describe and is willing to work
> on an agenda item?
> What's the actual jurisdiction here? I believe this can only be fixed
> by a board resolution.
> So is the goal to get ALAC to petition the board, or one or more of
> the board members, to put this on an upcoming agenda and perhaps take
> it to a vote?
> Is there a draft of a resolution which the board might pass?
> I suppose the answer will be those avenues have been fruitless.

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