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It's a good article but one criticism is that it views the cyberworld
through a multilateral filter which is changing, particularly for that

So I'll add Ian Bremmmer's provocative article also in Foreign Affairs
which argues that such models are eroding as evidenced, if nothing
else, by the problems outlined in Joseph Nye's article.


Is 400 years of Westphalian nation-state order coming to an end?

If not in letter then perhaps in practice and effectiveness?

It's not only cyberspace, but also immigration, trade, communications,
warfare, transportation, culture, and even public health issues which
clearly do not honor political borders.

Royalty and aristocracy, the first phase of modern nation-state
governance, did not like or respect the rise of the non-birthright
nation state ca 1789, both democratic or otherwise.

But by the end of WWI, and certainly WWII, they were in severe decline
nonetheless and today are mostly colorful ornaments or autocrats with
fancy titles, gone in barely 100 years.

Perhaps we are at the cusp of such a change again and that is
precisely why internet governance is so frustrating? It's like using
the norms of aristocracy to reform land ownership?

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 > https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/world/2021-12-14/end-cyber-anarchy
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