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On 03/01/22 3:15 pm, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> https://www.cavebear.com/cavebear-blog/stakeholder_sock_puppet/
> (I didn't go into some potentially intriguing applications of the
> stakeholder model.  For instance here in the US we have some states,
> such as Texas, that are essentially eliminating rights of women to
> obtain abortions.  If we were to fully honor the stakeholder model
> then only real "stakeholders" in that matter are women, and thus under
> a true stakeholder model of governance, women ought to be the only
> ones who would have a voice in the decision to enact that law or not.)

Which in a very perverse way does show what BS* MSism is........ A
convenient device... all stakeholders will together decide, but then we
will decide who the stakeholders are --

(1) either directly -- why gov, CS, tech and business, why not the
'major groups' recognized for sustainable development (Women. Children
and Youth, Indigenous Peoples, Non-Governmental Organizations, Local
Authorities, Workers and Trade Unions, Business and Industry, Scientific
and Technological Community https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/mgos
), OECD traditionally worked with civil society, trade unions and
business ... And so on

, And/ or (2) indirectly -- by actively creating and sustaining
conditions so that 'favored' 'stakeholders' alone can effectively be
present and engage   (anyone wants proof? i can provide it)

I challenge any or all purveyor(s) of MS ism (or what was it -- MS
governance systems) to come and co-organise a global conference on MSism
(or whatever), and we will get theorists and practitioners of
participatory democracy, and anyone else you want, over there -- and we
can discuss threadbare and will know 'what is what' .... Any takers?
Olivier? Others?


>     --karl--
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