[At-Large] ICANN Accountability Mechanisms

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 23:41:00 UTC 2022

This is a story in reprise from heated conversations many years ago at
the Sloan School of Management when corporate strategy was discussed.

I readily confess that I am one who believes that it is the CEO who must
answer to the Board on the matter of staff output. Because there ought to
be administrative procedures that are in place to address them. Like
performance measurements for staff appraisals.

I am still persuaded by that view. So, if there is a concern that staff
have acted in ways that delegitimize or dilute the currency of any
request that properly should lead to an administrative action in their
competence, then the CEO must be advised.  Thereafter, we may well find out
it is incompetence rather than spite.

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> On 30/12/2021 19:36, Jonathan Zuck via At-Large wrote:
> I actually raised this very issue, while we were working on the
> accountability framework. At the time, folks believed the power to throw
> out the board would suffice but clearly that is a tool of last resort.
> Many people, myself included, raised the question of staff accountability
> - and also during successive ATRT sessions. And for reasons that are their
> own, others resisted this and thought everything hinged on the Board - how
> naive.
> I recall responses separately made during the usual ALAC "grilling"
> sessions of the ICANN CEO at each iCANN meeting, of both successive CEOs,
> Fadi Chehadé and Göran Marby, and staff accountability was dealt with
> internally and that the CEO of ICANN is the warrantor of that
> accountability. Perhaps should you complain to the ICANN CEO about his
> organisation's alleged inability to take action in a reasonable time?
> Kindest regards,
> Olivier
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