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[ As this is evolving into a personal request, I'll take further discussion
offline with Parminder ]

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> I am happy to explore working with you, as IT for Change and for the
> global coalition Just Net Coalition to  develop them further and do
> fining-tune, polishing, detailing, etc, through an international working
> group made from both the digital activist field and global NGOs and
> movements in different sectors from across the world. And following
> development of a common set of principles, take side global sign ons from
> public interest groups from all over the world. I assure you that we would
> get imagined support and endorsements.
Very cool. I'm happy to participate and will work with you to figure out
the best way to do this. These days Internet Governance has taken a distant
back seat to my other activities involving open source software, organic
agriculture, and the occasional podcast. But if the right opportunity comes
along, anything's possible.

In another thread somewhere I expressed contempt for the IGF and dismissed
your opposition to the UN Secretary General's plans to meddle in it. This
stems from my perception that the important work you describe above -- to
envision a better way to do governance, something that's neither ICANN's
industry capture nor ITU's state capture -- was IGF's singular job, and it
has spectacularly failed at that job. If there's a better path to
accomplish this then good for all of us, but this was honestly the function
I expected IGF to serve and all I see from it is a wasted decade.

- Evan
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