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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sat Jan 1 11:24:38 UTC 2022

For a more recent explanation of the workings of Governments (and 
governing bodies should take note), may I suggest a UK Series "Yes 
Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" which has been qualified by many as 
being a documentary about government, rather than comedy.
For a few relevant snippets to our conversation:
What is government:



Of course I recommend you get the whole series to watch. Then you'll be 
much less bothered about how slow ICANN is.

Kindest regards,


On 30/12/2021 19:16, Karl Auerbach via At-Large wrote:
> On 12/30/21 10:01 AM, Hank Nussbacher via At-Large wrote:
>> 3. ...  based on my experience with ICANN processes, a 4 month delay 
>> is a mere second in ICANN time. I would start complaining only after 
>> 4 years.
> An apt summary of the speed of ICANN procedures may be found in the 
> works of Charles Dickens, most particularly Chapter 10 of /Little 
> Dorrit/: "Containing the whole Science of Government"  (See 
> https://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/containing_the_whole_science_of_government.html 
> )
> Here are the first two paragraphs:
>> The Circumlocution Office was (as everybody knows without being told) 
>> the most important Department under Government. No public business of 
>> any kind could possibly be done at any time without the acquiescence 
>> of the Circumlocution Office. Its finger was in the largest public 
>> pie, and in the smallest public tart.  It was equally impossible to 
>> do the plainest right and to undo the plainest wrong without the 
>> express authority of the Circumlocution Office.  If another Gunpowder 
>> Plot had been discovered half an hour before the lighting of the 
>> match, nobody would have been justified in saving the parliament 
>> until there had been half a score of boards, half a bushel of 
>> minutes, several sacks of official memoranda, and a family-vault full 
>> of ungrammatical correspondence, on the part of the Circumlocution 
>> Office.
>> This glorious establishment had been early in the field, when the one 
>> sublime principle involving the difficult art of governing a country, 
>> was first distinctly revealed to statesmen.  It had been foremost to 
>> study that bright revelation and to carry its shining influence 
>> through the whole of the official proceedings.  Whatever was required 
>> to be done, the Circumlocution Office was beforehand with all the 
>> public departments in the art of perceiving--HOW NOT TO DO IT.
>     --karl--
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