[APAC-Discuss] GIS/RS Conference 27th November – 1st of December 2017 [Call for Topics and Responses]

Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro salanieta.tamanikaiwaimaro at gmail.com
Tue May 30 22:55:04 UTC 2017

Dear All,

It may be useful to explore submitting topics you would like discussed such
as those affecting key areas related to the SDGs:

   - Health - facilities, infrastructure etc
   - Education -  schools etc
   - Environment -  conservation and wetlands, mangrove swamps, forest
   - Agriculture - mapping terrain and key features
   - Energy -infrastructure grids
   - Water -  infrastructure grids
   - Oceans - fisheries, surveillance etc

For Policy makers and strategists, GIS is critical in terms of accelerating
sustainable development. I am enclosing an Invitation and a call for
thematic areas and topics by the organizers of the GIS/RS Conference, see
email below:

Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for the GIS/RS Conference on the 27th November – 1st of
December 2017, please share with us your suggestions or preferences on
Themes for the Discussion Session.

At the 2016 Conference, the following topics allowed for in-depth
collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best practices for the
GIS/RS community and experts i.e:

1.     Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2.     Open Source and Open Data

3.     Mapping Forest Degradation

4.     Illegal Fishing and Monitoring

5.     Disaster Risk Modelling & Impact Forecasting Tools

Please email your responses and the Topics you like to be discussed at the
2017 Conference to Dr. Wolf Forstreuter i.e wolf.forstreuter at gmail.com and
Sachindra Singhsachindras at spc.int

Thank you for your support and we look forward to an informative,
innovative and productive discussion session.

Kind Regards,


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Sereima Kalouniviti

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