[APAC-Discuss] CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2017 Call for Nominations for ALAC Members, Regional Leadership and ALAC Delegates to the NomCom

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I support Nadira, Maureen and Lianna's nominations.  They are valuable assets to the community.

Yours truly,Aris Ignacio

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Dear APRALO Community,Greetings to all,I’m starting this email expressing my interest of self-nomination to APRALO position as representative ofALAC delegates to the Nomcom.My path in ICANN started withmy first fellowship in ICANN53, 2015, in those two years, I gone through adiscovery mission to familiarize myself of the work of different entities ofICANN organizational structures and its cross community interactions, because believe that experience strengthenthe theoretical background and gives depth understanding in knowledgeconstruction.  When my timeline startedwith ICANN at Buenos Aires, APRALO LT team gave me the understanding of what isexpected of the role of ALSes and it happened that ISOC Palestine was a recent accredited  ALSAPRALO member.  As the vice chair of ISOCPalestine, I became a delegate of my ALS, after that the Chapter carried differentoutreach activities for ICANN and how to make the public aware of ICANN. AtICANN55, I was a coach fellow and I focused my schedule to attend ccNSO sessions.  Where .PS considered me their liaison intheir absence of ICANN public meetings, I even gave presentation about .PSat the newcomer session of APTLD70.  On April2015, I became a member of MEAC-SWG, helped in putting its Charter and theStrategy itself. Attended APSIG 2016 as a fellow participant to increase my awarenessof the IG issues in the diverse Asia Pacific region and now I’m active in theirfellowship sub-committees. Again I was a coach fellow at ICANN57 which helped mewiden my AP network with ICANN members. This week I gave a hand in formulating an IGF2017 workshop proposal initiatedby APSIG community member in cooperation with IG activists from Global South.  As for the GNSO, last August, I became an individualmember of NCUC, an experience which helped me identify the difference in themissions and affiliations of At-Large and their focus programs of civil societyand end users.  The closest I could getinto the ASO was through my remote attendance to sessions at MENOG17.
For my ICANN engagement incommittees/sub committees, I’m a participant at the “ALAC Subcommittee onFinance and Budget”, “Cross-Community Working Group on new gTLD AuctionProceeds” and a member of the NomCom2 Review Working Party.  The later equipped me with comprehensive understandingof the role of nomcom members while examining of the  RFP for Review of the Nominating Committee to theindependent examiner.
A brief background of mypersonal profile, I’m online freelancer in Capacity Building on IG andcertified tutor by Diplo Foundation. Soon to end, my term as a vice chair of ISOCPalestine and founding member of ISOC Blockchain Special Interest Group. Graduatedfrom Syracuse University with double MSc. degrees in Computer Science andInformation Resources Management and have a BSc. in Mathematics/ComputerScience from Jordan University.  Had a 23years of lecturer experience in Operations Management courses at the Faculty ofBusiness Administration in Bethlehem University. Served on the nominationcommittee presenting Best Bits network on the Internet Governance Civil SocietyCoordination Group.  As an member of the ArabMAG 2015, I coordinated the workshops track for the 4th Arab IGF. Wasamong the training consultants for the online track on IG capacity buildingprogram for HIVOS iGmena project.  
Having a look at ICANNBylaws, Article 8: NOMINATING COMMITTEE, section 8.4 Criteria for Selection ofNominating Committee Delegates; with my academic experience, and the good background that I developed about SO/ACs I can apply with confidence of my competencesthat match this position even with no consideration for gender balance criteria.
Hoping APRALO members willfind my bio matches their expectations for this position. Best wishes,Nadira Al-ArajISOC Palestine (ALS)_______________________________________________
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