[APAC-Discuss] CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2017 Call for Nominations for ALAC Members, Regional Leadership and ALAC Delegates to the NomCom

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Mon May 8 06:12:06 UTC 2017

I also support Nadira's  nomination for the APRALO Regional Nominee to

*Regards / Jahangir​ HossainISOC Bangladesh​*

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 9:10 PM, Nadira Alaraj <nadira.araj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear APRALO Community,
> Greetings to all,
> I’m starting this email expressing my interest of self-nomination to
> APRALO position as representative of ALAC delegates to the Nomcom.
> My path in ICANN started with my first fellowship in ICANN53, 2015, in
> those two years, I gone through a discovery mission to familiarize myself
> of the work of different entities of ICANN organizational structures and
> its cross community interactions, because believe that experience
> strengthen the theoretical background and gives depth understanding in
> knowledge construction.
> When my timeline started with ICANN at Buenos Aires, APRALO LT team gave
> me the understanding of what is expected of the role of ALSes and it
> happened that ISOC Palestine was a recent accredited  ALS APRALO member.
> As the vice chair of ISOC Palestine, I became a delegate of my ALS, after
> that the Chapter carried different outreach activities for ICANN and how to
> make the public aware of ICANN. At ICANN55, I was a coach fellow and I
> focused my schedule to attend ccNSO sessions.  Where .PS considered me
> their liaison in their absence of ICANN public meetings, I even gave
> presentation about .PS at the newcomer session of APTLD70.  On April 2015,
> I became a member of MEAC-SWG, helped in putting its Charter and the
> Strategy itself. Attended APSIG 2016 as a fellow participant to increase my
> awareness of the IG issues in the diverse Asia Pacific region and now I’m
> active in their fellowship sub-committees. Again I was a coach fellow at
> ICANN57 which helped me widen my AP network with ICANN members.  This week
> I gave a hand in formulating an IGF2017 workshop proposal initiated by
> APSIG community member in cooperation with IG activists from Global South.
> As for the GNSO, last August, I became an individual member of NCUC, an
> experience which helped me identify the difference in the missions and
> affiliations of At-Large and their focus programs of civil society and end
> users.  The closest I could get into the ASO was through my remote
> attendance to sessions at MENOG17.
> For my ICANN engagement in committees/sub committees, I’m a participant at
> the “ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget”, “Cross-Community Working
> Group on new gTLD Auction Proceeds” and a member of the NomCom2 Review
> Working Party.  The later equipped me with comprehensive understanding of
> the role of nomcom members while examining of the  RFP for Review of the
> Nominating Committee to the independent examiner.
> A brief background of my personal profile, I’m online freelancer in
> Capacity Building on IG and certified tutor by Diplo Foundation. Soon to
> end, my term as a vice chair of ISOC Palestine and founding member of ISOC
> Blockchain Special Interest Group. Graduated from Syracuse University with
> double MSc. degrees in Computer Science and Information Resources
> Management and have a BSc. in Mathematics/Computer Science from Jordan
> University.  Had a 23 years of lecturer experience in Operations Management
> courses at the Faculty of Business Administration in Bethlehem University.
> Served on the nomination committee presenting Best Bits network on the
> Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group.  As an member of the
> Arab MAG 2015, I coordinated the workshops track for the 4th Arab IGF.
> Was among the training consultants for the online track on IG capacity
> building program for HIVOS iGmena project.
> Having a look at ICANN Bylaws, Article 8: NOMINATING COMMITTEE, section
> 8.4 Criteria for Selection of Nominating Committee Delegates; with my
> academic experience, and the good background that I developed about SO/ACs
> I can apply with confidence of my competences that match this position even
> with no consideration for gender balance criteria.
> Hoping APRALO members will find my bio matches their expectations for this
> position.
> Best wishes,
> Nadira Al-Araj
> ISOC Palestine (ALS)
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