[APAC-Discuss] At-Large Review: Response from RALOs

William Tibben wjt at uow.edu.au
Wed Mar 22 00:14:30 UTC 2017

Thanks Satish for the opportunity to comment.  I think the team has done a good job in the amount time. I have two comments

1.  Reference to mavericks is a weakness in the report.  You could lose that point and it would not make any difference to its thrust.. Some may argue that mavericks are the very people who should be embraced because of their alternative view.

2.  The regional nature of the ALAC is a strength that could be highlighted a bit more.  The point is made later in the response body that RALOs provide a more appropriate context for some people from regions in the world to participate (as opposed to the atomic white male from UK and US). ALAC has been successful in creating a more equal gender balance than other ICANN organisations another point to make.

I hope that helps


William Tibben
Uni of Wollongong

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