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Satish Babu sb at inapp.com
Fri Jun 9 06:07:19 UTC 2017

Dear APRALO Community,

Thanks for the enthusiastic response to the call for volunteers to the four
Subcommittees. Staff have captured the names of volunteers and incorporated
them in the Wiki page. Please note that we will continue to accept
membership requests until 30 June, after which the Subcommittees will be

In the APRALO Leadership Team call held on 6th June 2017, we have
identified the Chairs of the four Subcommittees as follows:

1. Program Subcommittee (Holly Raiche)
2. Organizing Subcommittee (Maureen Hilyard)
3. Finance Subcommittee (Ali AlMeshal)
4. Outreach Subcommittee (Lianna Galstyan)

A tentative list of tasks for each group has been created, and handed over
to each Chair. They will in turn be sharing the list with the members of
their Subcommittee.

Given that ICANN59 meeting is to be held in about two weeks, it is likely
that the actual work of these Subcommittees will only start in early July.
However, some of the Chairs have indicated that they would like to get
started right away. Chairs will be in touch with Subcommittee members for
the next steps, starting immediately.

Thanks again,

With kind regards,


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Dear APRALO Community,

Greetings !

You would be aware that APRALO is convening its General Assembly during
ICANN60 at Abu Dhabi in October 2017. As already announced, we would like
to invite volunteers from the community to the four subcommittees
constituted to guide the GA & related activities,  together with APRALO
Leadership and Staff. The Subcommittees are the following:

*1. Program Subcommittee*: This group will assist in designing the sessions
of the GA, including identifying the topics that ALSes would find useful,
locating speakers & teaching material, identifying ICANN dignitaries to
address the GA, sequencing sessions and eliciting feedback from
participants. Wiki page: https://community.icann.org/display/APRALO/GENERAL+

*2. Organizing Subcommittee*: This group will co-ordinate the logistics of
the GA, including the venue, venue arrangements, transportation,
accommodation, hospitality and the APRALO Showcase. Wiki page:

*3. Finance Subcommittee*: This group will oversee the financial aspects of
the GA, including budgeting, sponsorships, and coordinating expenses. Wiki:

*4. Outreach Subcommittee*: This group will interact with ALSes to
determine their requirements, identify active ALSes who would be invited to
the GA with travel support, it will also look into possible outreach
activities with local entities such as Universities and other Academic
institutions, and in general stimulate participation of ALSes and bring
potential new members to APRALO. Wiki page: https://community.icann.org/

All four Subcommittees will start their activities from June 2017, and will
be working over email and conference calls.

I'd like to invite the APRALO community, particularly the ALS
representatives who may be attending the GA, to volunteer to any of these
groups and support the GA effort. Thanks to those who have already

Please note your names in the respective Sub-Committee wiki pages directly,
or write to Evin at evin.erdogdu at icann.org with your preferences.

With kind regards,

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