[APAC-Discuss] APRALO Elections 2016

Pavan Budhrani * pavan at registry.asia
Tue May 3 03:15:48 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Thanks to all the APRALO team!

I would like to nominate and fully support Siranush, Ali and Holly for a 
second term. I believe we are in the midst of something special at 
APRALO and we want to continue to be a part of it .


On 5/2/16 9:47 PM, Yesim Nazlar wrote:
> Dear Kaili,
> Thank you very much for your e-mail.
> Your nomination is now officially recorded.
> Thank you.
> Kind Regards,
> Yeşim Nazlar
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> Subject: Re: [APAC-Discuss] APRALO Elections 2016
> Hi, all APRALO members,
> Thru my experience working together with the current APRALO LT at 
> ALAC, I have found them all, as volunteers, working so hard and 
> effectively, making our APRALO the model RALO for all the five in the 
> world.
> Thus, I would like to nominate and support all the current LT members, 
> Siranush, Ali, Holly, Maureen and Satish to their current LT 
> positions, and Amir to continue at his NomCom position.
> I sincerely wish this nomination could win your support, and am sure 
> that the new APRALO LT will continue to lead our APRALO to new successes.
> Best regards,
> Kaili Kan
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>     Hello, Siranush and APRALO.
>     I wanted to drop a note to say that I think the current leadership
>     team is doing an excellent job.
>     During the April APRALO meeting, which had a full and substantive
>     agenda, I was very pleased to hear the interest among the
>     existing leadership team to mentor and train interested
>     individuals from the region for future leadership roles in ICANN. 
>     This is important and extremely valuable as the ICANN context and
>     issues are complex and require time to understand, navigate and
>     intervene successfully.
>     I would encourage the leadership team to share its thinking
>     about plans to support the development of future leaders with the
>     APRALO community.
>     Best regards,
>     Rinalia
>     Member, ICANN Board of Directors
>     On Friday, 29 April 2016, Siranush Vardanyan
>     <siranush_vardanyan at hotmail.com
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>     wrote:
>         Dear AP members,
>         As you have seen in my previous e-mail (updates from our April
>         call) and also from the e-mail from staff, currently
>         The elections for APRALO leaders is open for nomination
>         <https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/2016+APRALO+Regional+Selections>.
>         You can view the space to see the nominations and eligibility
>         for all.  Nominations will be accepted up until 9 May.
>         This is to let you know as well that as part of nomination
>         procedure each current leaders (Chair, Vice-Chair, ALAC
>         Member, NomCom appointee) were asked individually if they are
>         willing to continue and taking into consideration that they
>         all are eligible for re-election, all of them have indicated
>         that they are willing to stand again and are making themselves
>         available for their current positions.
>         So, this will be noted in the wiki space by staff, that all
>         current members indicated that they would like to continue.
>         Meanwhile, all other nominations are welcomed.
>         Best
>         Siranush
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