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Dear Siranush,

Your acceptance has been noted.


Kind regards,


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Dear APRALO members,

Having accepted my nomination to serve as APRALO Chair for another 2 years, I assure you that I remain passionate and committed to serving another term.

During this past term as the Chair, APRALO has grown to 45 ALSes and at the same time we have strengthened our relationship with leading regional organisations - APNIC, APTLD and DotASIA. We also continue to work together with the ICANN Asia Pacific HUB by organising capacity building and informational webinars.

For FY16, we have organised and participated in joint outreach events, such as APRICOT, and supported outreach activities coordinated by our own ALSes in their sub-regions. I have personally outreached on behalf of At-Large at local and global IGF events.

As well as an already packed leadership role on behalf of APRALO, I also participate on the RALO Secretariat and regularly attend ALAC meetings. I am a member of several Working Groups, particularly to mention some Outreach and Engagement, Capacity Building, Accessibility Taskforce, etc. WGs.

Due to everyone's involvement, partnership, passion and support, last year I was given a community award by ICANN Leadership, which was for me, inspirational, but at the same time it increased my sense of responsibility that I should continue serving this amazing community with even more enthusiasm and devotion.

The APRALO Leadership Team, with whom I have had the honour of working closely during the last several years, also provides enormous volunteer time on behalf of APRALO and At-Large. But we cannot succeed without ALS involvement and commitment. Having said all that, I would like to thank all of you, each and every ALS for supporting my nomination to remain as the Chair of APRALO.  I aim to continue to serve this community to the best of my ability and with the continued support of a great leadership team.



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