[APAC-Discuss] APRALO Action Items posted

Silvia Vivanco silvia.vivanco at icann.org
Mon Nov 10 18:18:25 UTC 2014

Dear Siranush,

Here are our Action Items, posted. Please be so kind to review and provide updates periodically.

1. at Siranush Vardanyan to ask ALses who is planning to attend and send this information to staff and all.
2. @Silvia Vivanco will consolidate various costs including the ALAC  ICANN Budget : $ 1200
3. @Kelvin Wong to clarify the cost of local performance
4. @Heidi Ullrich and @Ariel Liang to clarify the cost of Chinese Theatre Circle performance.
5. @Gisella Gruber to obtain a catering budget and menu from the hotel/ for 60-100 pax
6. @Ariel Liang to look into the cost of the following items: red envelopes, red lanterns, Lunar New Year decorative gifts, paper cutouts, etc.
7. @Ariel Liang to check to see if traditional foods for Chinese New Year are available - and within budget.
8. @Ariel Liang, @Ali AlMeshal , @Maureen Hilyard, @Cheryl Langdon-Orr, @Pavan Budhrani are to form a small sub-group to decide on what should be displayed on the tables.
9. @Siranush Vardanyan, @Holly Raiche, @Gisella Gruber, @Heidi Ullrich, @Silvia Vivanco and @Kelvin Wong to form sub-committee for the entertainment and catering.
10. @Pavan Budhrani and @Ariel Liang  will let the sub-group know about promotional items.
11. APRALO monthly call will provide updates on the status. The APRALO Showcase group will meet every two weeks immediately prior to the APRALO  monthly call. The two sub-groups will coordinate their meetings on their own. Next call will be on 25 of Nov at 4:30 UTC

Staff will be consolidating the various costs in an EXCELL Spreadsheet. Please let us know the costs  of your various items once you have them.


Thank you very much!


Silvia Vivanco
Manager, At Large Regional Affairs
ICANN | Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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