[APAC-Discuss] APRALO Showcase - Meeting 10 Nov 5amUTC

Silvia Vivanco silvia.vivanco at icann.org
Mon Nov 10 04:25:19 UTC 2014

Dear Maureen, 

Thank you very much for listing the details of the program. It was pretty amazing indeed!. One feature which was very novel was the "interactive " part with the Trivia quiz. 
Talk to you shortly


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Hi all.. just reminding ourselves what we did in Singapore and trying to think HOW WE CAN TOP IT.  It was a brilliant effort.


1.       Ali welcomed everyone to the showcase with a red fan

2.       Don gave a gift from APTLD

3.       Very short speeches

4.       The artiste with the changing masks (amazing)

5.       MOU signings with APNIC and APTLD

6.       The trivia competition with prizes from the region

7.       Emani's  "greetings" movie and red lanyards

8.       APRALO attendee ppt

9.       The lion dance 

10.   (additionally) The tea ceremony


I don't think we have to do as much this time, but it has to be different.

.         I like Yannis's red packets of candy - maintaining our gift of
something red

.         Wearing something red to the Showcase

.         Satish and others totally support the mix of traditional cultures
being representative of  the region - "celebrating diversity" 

.         Perhaps another type of ceremony - like the tea ceremony but

.         The Dikir Barat could be this year's alternative to the Lion Dance
(if Kuek can find a team to come along)

.         The Quiz thing went down well.. We've done trivia twice!  Perhaps
we could involve ALSes somehow (as Fouad suggests) - like some sort of mapping checklist, matching APRALO members present with where they come from on the official ALS map - encouraging some interaction during refreshments time perhaps ? or similar.

.         How about Asian exercise class in the mornings? (brain gym at


Any other ideas?



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