[APAC-Discuss] [ALAC] Report on Workshop No.14 Digital Divide at the APrIGF [FINAL]

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Dear Salanieta,

thank you for forwarding. Very interesting topic.

Congratulations to you and other organizers of this event!

Best regards,

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Dear APRALO Chair, ALAC Chair, ALAC,

The *South Pacific Computer Society* as a member of APRALO reached out to
its counterparts in Asia Pacific to tell the Asia Pacific story on the
Digital Divide. We felt that it was important to start the dialogue as well
as to document it.

As such we organised a Workshop and also reached out to our colleagues from
at least three other ALSes in APRALO, namely ISOC AU, CSI, ISOC HK who also
shared their perspectives on the Digital Divide. The transcripts will be
available later. For now here is the summary of our Workshop that was held
in New Delhi yesterday.

One of the breakthroughs yesterday is that it was co-moderated on and
off-site so we in essence defeated time and the geographical divide through

With every best wish,

Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro

*President, South Pacific Computer Society (SPaCS)*

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