[APAC-Discuss] APRALO-ICANN Joint Workshop at IGF 2013 - Call for Community Representatives

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Tue Jun 4 16:29:26 UTC 2013


The proposal for the APRALO-ICANN joint workshop at IGF 2013 in Bali has
been approved by the IGF MAG.  See the draft program below.  As the
workshop organizer, I am seeking 2 individuals from the APRALO
community/Asia Pacific region to present the views of language and user
communities related to the workshop topic.

The participation of the selected individuals in the workshop and at IGF
2013 will be supported by ICANN as per ICANN's travel support policies.

*Eligibility criteria:*
1. Individual is from a developing country in the Asia Pacific region.
2. Ability to represent language community or user views and concerns on
the topic.

*If you are interested, please send me an email with the following
1. Your full name as per your passport.
2. Your country of citizenship and residence.
3. A written thought-piece (1 - 2 pages maximum and not more than 800
words) on language community and / or  user views on the topic (i.e., the
introduction of IDN Variant TLDs in general and / or the Label Generation
Rules for the Root Zone Process).
Note: the workshop covers a set of scripts (i.e., Han, Indic, Arabic,
Latin/Cyrillic/Greek).  User views may touch on these scripts, but they may
also go beyond them.

*Decision-Making *
A small committee comprising the following individuals will review and
decide on the applications: APRALO Chair (Holly Raiche), the At-Large IDN
Policy Liaison (Edmon Chung) and Workshop Organizer (Rinalia Abdul Rahim).

Deadline for submission: 12 June 2013

Best regards,


*APRALO-ICANN Joint Workshop at IGF 2013 (#32)***

*Workshop Title*

Next in IDNs: Linguistic Diversity in the Internet Root

*IGF Theme*

The Internet as Engine of Growth and Development; Critical Internet


APRALO – Asia Pacific Australasia Regional At-Large Organization

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

*Workshop Description*

The introduction of IDN variants in the root zone serves to enhance the
Internet’s multilingualism and cultural diversity at the level of Top Level
Domains (TLDs). The ICANN community has studied the viability of this
introduction and has developed a process that will make it a reality.  This
process has implications for language communities.  Language communities
that share a script (e.g., Chinese, Japanese and Korean, which share the
Han script) must agree on rules related to variant script characters in
order to proceed.  Furthermore, while allowing language communities to
self-mobilize and proceed at their own pace, there are advantages to being
an early participant or first mover.  This process of allocating Variant
TLDs in the Internet root* *requires language communities to collaborate
and will require effective facilitation.  This joint APRALO-ICANN workshop
will provide an overview of the ICANN process, discuss the issues
implicating language communities and outline the way forward.

*Key Discussion Questions*

*Process* – What is the process and what are the structural constraints of
the process? How was the multistakeholder model deployed in the development
of the process and how will it evolve in moving forward?  How will language
and technical communities be engaged?

*Variants *– What are the key variant issues for scripts such as Arabic,
Han, Indic, Latin and Cyrillic that have a large community of users
worldwide and whose script is shared across different language communities
and across national borders?  What variant issues can realistically be
addressed within the structural constraints of the process?

*Community* - How can the readiness of language communities for IDN Variant
TLDs be supported? How can the disadvantage to late entrants be
minimized?  What
models of engagement can be used to support the collaboration of language
communities that transcend national borders?  What best practice models of
dispute resolution can be deployed to address disputes among language
communities that span the globe?

*Workshop Role-Players*

Moderator – *Rinalia Abdul Rahim* (ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee &
APRALO Representative, Malaysia)

Remote Moderator – *Maureen Hilyard* (Board Chair, Pacific Islands Chapter
of the Internet Society & APRALO Representative, Cook Islands)

*Expert Panel*

[Overview on ICANN Process for Developing Root Zone Label Generation Rules]
*Ram Mohan* (Chair, ICANN Board IDN Variants Working Group & Executive Vice
President, & Chief Technology Officer, Afilias Limited)

[Arabic Script Variants] *Sarmad Hussain* (Professor of Computer Science
and Head of the Center of Language Engineering, University of Engineering
and Technology, Pakistan)

[Han Script Variants] *Edmon Chung* (CEO, dotAsia & Vice-Chair, Internet
Society Hong Kong)

[Indic Script Variants] *R. Doctor* (Consultant, GIST Group, Center for
Development of Advanced Computing, India) – via remote participation

[Latin/Cyrillic/Greek Script Variants] *Patrik** Fältström* (Head of
Research and Development, Netnod; Chair, ICANN Security and Stability
Advisory Committee; and Adviser to the Swedish IT Minister)


*Workshop Format and Flow*

This workshop features a 90-minute interactive panel discussion with remote
participation.  Workshop flow:

·       Moderator’s welcome and introduction (5 mins)

·       Rapid montage of user community views on IDN variants issues from
developing regions – Asia Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle-East &
Africa, Latin America & Caribbean (8 mins) – user community representatives
to be determined and they may participate in person or via remote

·       Overview of the ICANN Process for Developing Label Generation Rules
for the Root Zone (10 mins)

·       Arabic script presentation (8 mins)

·       Han script presentation (8 mins)

·       Indic script presentation (8 mins)

·       Latin/Cyrillic/Greek script presentation (8 mins)

·       Discussion involving panelists and participants (30 mins)

·       Wrap up (5 mins)

*Workshop Contact*

*Rinalia Abdul Rahim*, Managing Director, Compass Rose Sdn Bhd (
rinalia at compassrose.my or rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com)

* *

*Baher Esmat*, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement – Middle East, ICANN (
baher.esmat at icann.org)

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