[APAC-Discuss] Nomination for ICANN NomCom 2013 from APRALO

Siranush Vardanyan siranush_vardanyan at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 3 08:34:48 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues,

As I have seen there is no one who was nominated or self-nominate 
to serve as ICANN NomCom 2013 representative from APRALO region (and there is only 4 days left), 
I would like to nominate Gunela Astbrink, who is the representative
from ISOC-AU. She is quite active in working with disabilities,
which is my favorite sphere of working, and which is extraordinary difficult
at the same time a blessing work.

Gunela is working in the field of national and international disability 
and ICT research and policy for over 20 years. I assume many of you also
know Gunela in person, as she participated in the previous 3 ICANN meetings as well.

So, please, accept my nomination for Gunela to serve as a delegate from
APRALO region.


ICANN 2012 NomCom delegate from APRALO region


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