[APAC-Discuss] APRALO and APNIC - what do you want?

Maureen Hilyard hilyard at oyster.net.ck
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Hi Holly and APRALO members

We are currently organising training sessions with APNIC for our PacINET in
Tonga in September (the week after the regional IGF). APNIC has been a part
of our PICISOC conference every year for years.  And Save is also a regular
PacINET participant so our members get ICANN updates as well. 

Because we hold our PacINET in a different country each year, APNIC is able
to do outreach for themselves and offer skills updates not only for PICISOC
members, but also to non-PICISOC members from the host country whom we
encourage to attend.. 

Their training is included in our outreach strategy and encourages new
members to join up with PICISOC as a result of what they learn from our
conference, the training, and the networking contacts they make.  

 I can certainly recommend including APNIC training sessions and workshops
into your own events, especially as you can choose what training you need
and for how long, etc. 


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Hi Everyone

Just to follow up on a relationship (and maybe MoU) with APNIC.

Before I get back to APNIC, please everyone, have a look at the APNIC site

The offer lots of training on a range of numbering issues, including one
hour online sessions on a range of Internet issues and longer 2 or 3 day
workshops throughout the region.

They also participate and/or hold many conferences.  And maybe we can see
speaking slots in their conferences

I imagine what we would want to ask for (at the least) is updates on their
training activities - particularly in the various APNIC region.  We may also
want free or reduced cost participation in the longer training courses and
possible reduced or free access to their conferences - and maybe free access
to some of their materials in their library. (I am not sure how much it all
costs, but that could be worked through).

I am sure there are a variety of needs in each ALS.  So the first step is
everyone having a look at their site and see what they offer that would be
of particular interest to your ALS.

With that information, I can get back to APNIC and start discussions on
closer cooperation



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