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Rinalia Abdul Rahim rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 02:44:49 UTC 2013

Excellent update, Holly. The region is in excellent hands. I see great
things ahead in terms of policy input, intra and inter-regional
collaboration, performance and outcomes that benefit our region and others.

Best regards,

On Jul 24, 2013 10:13 AM, "Holly Raiche" <h.raiche at internode.on.net> wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> First, just a final confirmation of the various elections we have had:
> My new Vice chair is Siranush Vardanyan,  Satish Babu is our NNomCom
> representative.  And our new representative on ALAC is Maureen Hillyard.
>  Congratulations again to all - and a reminder to everyone - that we need
> all of your support.
> On APRALO membership:
> Two ALSs have been officially decertified:
> Internet Users Network - Tokyo (at their request)
> Internet Society of Pakistan (which had ceased to exist and has been
> replaced)
> We have had three applications for membership - which are in the process
> of being reviewed and will be voted on including
> - the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
> - South Pacific Computer Society
> - Internet Society - Nepal Chapter
> For those who were not able to attend the APRALO meeting last Wednesday,
>  it began with Kuek Yu-Chuang, the newly appointed Vice President for
> Global Stakeholder Engagement for the Asian Region. He assumes office on 1
> August - when he will be based in Singapore. Others in the Singapore office
> will include staff for compliance and registrars/registries. (He would like
> to be involved in all of our meetings)
> He talked a bit on his background (he is a Senior Director with Yahoo) and
> then on what he sees as a fundamental tension in his job.  On the one hand,
> it is his job to listen to and understand the needs on the ground of his
> various constituents but that must fit into ICANN plans and commitments
> that have already been decided and are in train.  The cornerstone of his
> job will be an APEC strategy which will be launched at the regional IGF in
> Korea.
> Rinalia talked on the planned IGF workshop - an APRALO-ICANN collaboration
> on IDNs and IDN variants, looking at the many issues involved, including
> security and stability, and language scripts.  Cheryl also provided an
> update on the regional IGF in Korea.
> From now on, we will be devoting at least 5 minutes or more to one or our
> ALSs giving us all a presentation on that ALS - a bit about its members and
> its activities.   Satish will be the presenter for the August meeting.
> We went through the the outcomes from the survey Pavan did after Beijing.
>  The main conclusions included the overuse of ICANN terminology (explain
> the acronyms if you use them), how the ICANN schedule can be overwhelming -
> so each meeting needs a bit of explanation, more ALS participation, the
> praise for the Fellowship  program and its orientation to ICANN.
> In the issues sessions, the main issues were covered and have largely been
> dealt with.  The one big outstanding issue is a proposal from an Expert
> Working Group (which Carlton was on) that is proposing a new structure for
> the collection, handling, verification and dissemination of registrant
> data.  Comment is due mid-August I"ll get back to you on that one (if you
> are really interested, go to the ICANN website and type in Expert Working
> Group in the search area)
> And some action items on all of you (including staff)
> - please be sure all of you are signed up to the APRALO and other mailing
> lists - staff can help
> - go to the ICANN webpage - through to the list of APRALO ALSs- - and
> check that the entry for your ALS is correct - and let staff know so we can
> correct anything that needs correcting
> - let me - and everyone else - know what issues we as APRALO should be
> focussing on -
> - put your hand up for talking about your ALS to an APRALO meeting
> Staff - please send out a soft copy of the guide to ALAC - which has some
> nice background on issues we have been involved in
> And we will begin a dialogue with APNIC - based on the relationship that
> other RALOs are developing with their RIRs - so any and all suggestions
> welcome there
> Thanks
> Holly
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