[APAC-Discuss] ALS Feedback points

Pavan Budhrani pavan at registry.asia
Tue Jul 2 08:03:39 UTC 2013

Hey there all,

Please check the summary of main findings and suggestions from the Bejing

Main points from ALS Feedback

-       Some found the terminology used during meetings a bit hard to catch
up with, suggest to have some of the acronyms printed for ALS’es next time.

-       Some were overwhelmed by the schedule, suggest for future meetings,
to have a one or two line objective of each meeting so they know what its
mainly about and the target for those meetings.

-       Some wanted time to talk about their ALS, suggest to invite some
ALS to speak about themselves on the monthly call.

-       Fellowship was a great idea, most of them enjoyed that and more of
these orientation would be good for them.

Pavan Budhrani
Director of Business Development
DotAsia Organisation

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