[APAC-Discuss] At-Large at the IGF in Baku Worspace - and identification of At-Large community members participating

Maureen Hilyard hilyard at oyster.net.ck
Wed Oct 31 05:15:05 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

I plan to participate remotely in Workshop 81 on 7 Nov (11am, connection
willing) - iG and Sustainable Development for SIDS - with Tracy Hackshaw as
our moderator.

Maureen Hilyard
Cook Islands

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Subject: [APAC-Discuss] At-Large at the IGF in Baku Worspace - and
identification of At-Large community members participating

Dear All,

As the 2012 IGF in Baku is fast approaching, staff have created an At-Large
Activities at the IGF in Baku Workspace (see:
https://community.icann.org/x/-4g3Ag) to assist in facilitating At-Large
activities both formal and informal.

We have added the information on the AFRALO and APRALO Workshops to this
workspace. Please feel free to add any additional At-Large activities to
this workspace.

If you will be attending the IGF in Baku, please add your name and the dates
you will be in Baku to this workspace. Alternatively, please send At-Large
staff this information, and we will add it to the workspace for you.


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Peregrine, and Julia Charvolen ICANN Policy Staff in support of the ALAC
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