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ICANN At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Mon Sep 19 18:44:35 UTC 2011

Dear Sala,


On behalf of At-Large staff, congratulations on being selected by the
members of APRALO as a representative to the At-Large Advisory Committee
(ALAC) representing APRALO.  Your two year term will begin at the close of
the 42nd ICANN Meeting scheduled to take place 23-28 October 2011 in Dakar,
Senegal.  We are very much looking forward to working with you. If you
should have any questions, please contact At-Large staff at
staff at atlarge.icann.org. 


So that you will be able to begin to receive messages sent to the At-Large
mailing lists, At-Large staff will be adding you to the relevant mailing
lists this week. You have also already been sent a password to the At-Large
Confluence wiki pages (see:
LAC%29). A Confluence training guide is available at:


In addition, you may find the two attached documents of interest. The ALS
Starter Kit contains many links that the At-Large community uses on a daily
basis. The At-Large diagram shows the structure of the At-Large community.
It is an easy (and colorful!) way to understand the structure of At-Large at
a glance. 


Upon the request of Olivier Crépin-Leblond, ALAC Chair,  At-Large staff will
be scheduling an informal call with you so that he may answer any questions
you may have on the position of APRALO representative to the ALAC.


Finally, as your term will begin in Dakar, you are eligible for ICANN travel
support to participate in this meeting.  Constituency Travel will be in
touch with you shortly to inform you of your approved arrival and departure


Again, congratulations on being selected to represent APRALO on the ALAC. 



Heidi Ullrich, Seth Greene, Gisella Gruber-White, Matt Ashtiani, Marilyn

ICANN At-Large Staff




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