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Dear Sala, congratulations and APRALO will look forward to working closely
with you during your term!


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> Dear All,
> The following message is being sent on behalf of Salanieta
> Tamanikaiwaimaro:
> Ni sa bula vinaka! Greetings from Fiji! I am aware of the challenges
> besetting the Asia Pacific region and the many diverse issues and
> complexities involved.
> Recognising the strategic role that the Regional At Large Organisations
> (RALOs) play in the manner in which Policies are shaped, I recognise the
> need for powerful collaboration and inclusiveness.  I would like to thank
> the Outgoing APRALO representative who nominated me and the APRALO Chair for
> seconding the nomination and those that supported the nomination. I would
> also like to thank all those that voted to enable me to sit in a place of
> representation, please accept my acknowledgement and gratitude for your
> support. I would also like to acknowledge Mr Fouad Bajwa and look forward to
> working together to ensure that the voices of our region are heard.
> As your representative to the ALAC, it is my humble duty to serve you with
> diligence and commitment.
> -Sala
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