[ALAC] [CPWG] Public comment on EPDP Phase 2a Recommendations

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Jan 18 01:59:25 UTC 2022

> After consulting with other groups, I thought that it was advisable to
> have something on the record in the comments SAYING that the Board needs
> to factor in our comments, and those of the like-minded groups (GAC,

ALAC has been at this for decades now. Given that time passed, this is a
pretty sad comment on how (not) far things have come that communities --
any ICANN communities, but especially ALAC -- feel the need to beg to be
heard, which includes the obvious inference that absent such a statement
there's a chance of being overlooked.

I don't doubt that Alan's proposal, which is on its face a sharp indictment
of the ICANN implementation of its MSM, is surely needed. But one need look
no further or deeper  than this innocent message to see how badly the rot
has set in. That this kind of comment raises so few eyebrows within
At-Large and is seen as "business as usual" makes it even sadder.

- Evan
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