[ALAC] [CPWG] Minor changes to EPDP Board replies

Matthias M. Hudobnik matthias at hudobnik.at
Tue Jan 11 06:26:44 UTC 2022

Fine for me! Thanks Holly and Alan!

Ing. Mag. Matthias M. Hudobnik
matthias at hudobnik.at

> On 10.01.2022, at 17:57, Alan Greenberg via CPWG <cpwg at icann.org> wrote:
> Holly identified two problems with the Replies currently before the ALAC.
> 1. In the first paragraph of the reply to Question 1, the word "proscriptive" was used instead of "prescriptive". I have corrected this error.
> 2. In the 2nd sentence of the reply to Question 3, Holly commented that the meaning of the sentence was not clear. I have simplified it changing
>   "Ultimately the adopted Directive will need to factor in the input the various EU bodies are receiving as well as being the result of negotiations between the EU Parliament and Council."
> to
>   "The Directive eventually adopted by the EU will need to factor comments received as well as being the result of negotiations between the EU Parliament and Council."
> Neither of these changes alters the intent and meaning of the responses and I suggest that they be incorporated.
> Alan
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