[ALAC] RECORDED / Nominations for the ALT

carlos dionisio aguirre carlosaguirre62 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 26 04:00:37 UTC 2022

Thank you Maureen for your prompt response.
but what about the other ALAC  members?
They have not the same capacities ?
Are they not capables to give an advice or support?
it is just a question to you without another intention more than  to know what represent to be ALAC member, but not part of ALT.

Carlos Dionisio Aguirre

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Subject: Re: [ALAC] RECORDED / Nominations for the ALT

Thank you for this opinion Carlos.

For as long as I have been in At-Large there has always been an ALAC Leadership Team and during my term as Chair, I believe they are a necessity..
The group has provided advice to the Chair on matters relating mainly to operational or administrative matters .

During my term we formed the At-Large Leadership Team (the ALT-Plus)  to give the ALAC + the RALO leaders an opportunity, as elected and selected leaders within At-Large, to share in the discussion of both operational and policy issues.  Like the ALT, the ALT-Plus does not make decisions, but they can recommend decisions to be made by the ALAC which is mandated to make decisions, in the best interests of the At-Large community.

As a Chair it was handy to have had a small group of people to whom I could discuss matters with. They would regularly get an unexpected email from me explaining a deliberation that I might want to share. Ultimately, I trusted their contribution and council to be in the best interests of our community. They have been a great support to me in times of need. The most recent example was during the discussions we had within our community about the waiver, and I was determined that I could not send our advice to the Board on this matter unless I had 100% of their support behind me.  And we got it, thanks to the ALT team who chased after ALAC members who may not have seen the poll.

Before my departure from the Chair, I would like to thank the team - Jonathan, Joanna, Dave and Laura - for their support over the past year. and I commend Jonathan's choice to keep this team together as he transitions into his own ALAC chairmanship role. I'm sure he would appreciate everyone's support..

Thank you too, to the At-Large community for supporting my four years as your Chair.
Maureen .

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Dear Alac members. particularlly  I always I was against to have an ExCom or the new denomination as ALAC leaderships.

I think we are only 15 members, not 50 nor 1000.

In my personal opinion we no need a comittee inside another comittee. The reason to have a sub comitte taken desitions, when all of us (the 15 members) we are a comittee,  have no sense to me, because the others (who are not part of "leadership") we could be considered as inferior category members or not important members.

maybe something to think.

my two cents

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Subject: [ALAC] RECORDED / Nominations for the ALT

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Your nominations are recorded.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Yeşim Sağlam

Operations Support Specialist

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Mobile: +90 531 306 5148

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Subject: [ALAC] Nominations for the ALT


I would like to nominate the following stalwart members of ALAC for the ALT:

Maureen Hilyard (APAC)

Dave Kissoondoyal (Africa)

Joanna Kulesza (Europe)

Laura Margolis (LAC)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Greg Shatan

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